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visions of life with my words

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Author PerceptionOflife
Member Since June 11, 2010 (last seen 2 months ago)
Hometown olympia, United States
Born dead on June 23, 1983
Age 34 years
Gender Male
Relationship Status Single
Favorite Author Aldous Huxley
Favorite Book/Poem Brave new world
My Motto is to live everyday like its my last with no regrets of the past
My Favorite Quote To experance its greatest splendor and endure its worst agony is to truly understand life. What is your perception of the doors of perception.
Above all else, I love lifes journeys and all the experances it comes with
 I have been writing for 12 years & have read 82 poems here
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 I currently have 4 entries in my Writing Portfolio
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what you are about to read is not poetry or short stories it is words I in visioned at points of my life that I had not yet experienced. When I first started writing I had no idea what was inspiring me to put those words on paper. As time went on and I got older I started experiencing life’s journeys I saw my words intertwined between me the person I have become and the journey through life I have been through. My words were the key to finding myself at very young age. I am not putting my words on this site for forchtin and fame. I hope they help people understand their own perception of life and what finding yourself truly is and what it means for your own journeys through life. I hope these words help people see and understand their own perception of the doors of perception and share it with the world like I am. This will be a new voice, aspect, perception, understanding of the big picture?


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