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Author ShortyJewlz
Member Since August 2, 2004 (last seen 4 months ago)
Hometown Brooklyn, New York, United States
Born Pure & Free! on November 23, 1984
Age 33 years
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Career/Occupation Freelance Creative Artist, Writer (Also See:
My Likes Kind People
My Dislikes Mean People
Favorite Author God, William Shakespeare, Wayne Dyer, Maya Angelou, M Scott Peck
Favorite Book/Poem The Holy Bible and Power of Intention, By Wayne Dyer
My Motto is Aspire, Live and Love!
My Favorite Quote My Quote: Every Pain Has A Blessing!
Above all else, I love GOD! What else is worth Loving more? Nothing! Much Love To Our Creator.
 I have been writing for 8 years & have read 2571 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 428 points
 I currently have 264 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Coral Reviewer with 481 Comments
  My Review Quality is 89.74 % (based on 39 votes)
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•†•WELCOME•†• to my poetry website [God's Poetical Temple]. See my art image i created above. It represents how God loves us so much that a tear falls from His eye.

Here is where you can really delve into the essence of who i am and what i think about. Also, you can just see my creative style of writing (which is mostly Spiritual and Political) and get to know me as much as you like. It's all good. Peace and Love to you.
My Poetry and Stories are on the Menu at the Top of this page.
~ Thank You for Stopping By ~

Here are some Links that will help you discover what the image i created above with the lion means that i made to represent myself based on what i've learned and continue to learn about my spirit, and for my website right here for you... yes you. Also, these links also contain information that i personally study because of my Spiritual Awareness, Insight, and Love For God. Ok... we're going to start with Defining the top and work our way down. Here we go:

•†•~ Numerology "Key To Your Inner Self" Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 ~

•†•~ 33 Mysteries Homepage. Is The Number "33" Special to You? ~

•†•~ The Arabic Number 3 is A Picture of a "Hawk in Flight" ~

•†•~ Divine Sparks - "Hawk Symbolism" ~

•†•~ Animal Spirit Guides ~

•†•~ "Purple" Aura Meaning ~

•†•~ Purple Aura Meaning - Psychic Secrets ~

•†•~ What Color Is Your Aura? ~

•†•~ Body... "Chakra Colors and Meaning" ~

•†•~ Chakra Colors - Change and Flow ~

•†•~ Viewing the Chakra Colors ~

•†•~ The Meaning of "Yin-Yang" ~

•†•~ Yin Yang - Tai Chi ~

•†•~ Symbols - and Their Meaning ~

•†•~ TokenRock - Inspiration for Life ~

Other Symbolism of the image embedded in the entire meaning:
The Lion and the Crown - Represent "Great Spirit, Divine Energy, Supreme Power, The Crown Chakra [Purple] and Leadership."

China Alicia Rivera, here! Aka ShortyJewlz / Loville
About me: "Spiritual, Not Religious!"
See My Twitter Page Here:

~ †• •† ~
Also, see my myspace here:

•†•Bible Gateway

•†•Belief Net

•†•Lifes Greatest Question


•†•Hadith (In Reference to The Koran)

•†•The Koran - The Sacred Writings of Islam

•†•True Parents - Unification Books

•†•Climate Crises

•†•The New Life Mission (FREE Books)

•†•Ask Dr Sears (America's Family Of Pediatricians) LIVE HEALTHY

•†•Family Radio

•†•Tomorrows World

•†•Nature (Protecting Nature. Preserving Life.

•†•Planet Earth

•†•The Dynamic Doubles
- For Those Who See Double Numbers
In A Phenominal Way!



~ Video: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word ~

Note: Pause music player below this video before watching this video.

~ PBS Video: "The Uncertain Future of Iraqi Christians" ~

Watch Fri., Dec. 23, 2011 on PBS. See more from Need to Know.

~ :::Watch/Listen to Video's/Music i Created Below::: ~


A mighty hand brings forth
thunder. The thunder strikes
fear, but also wonder. The clouds
rush in to hide the suns face.
The atmosphere turns gloomy gray.
All ears are pierced by

a rumbling so loud, Cracking
open the skys, and breaking
the clouds. Ba Ba Boom! Ba
Ba Boom! The sky rumbles!
Then everything in the universe
trembles. Crashing into the

mountains, the waters rise.
The sea brings forth a mighty
tide. Buckets of rain fall across
the land. Floods devour and sank
everything like quicksand. Mudd
slides charge at you like Gods

Mighty Chariots. The Storm
shows Gods awesome powers
at its scariest! Down pours more
and more rain! Every drop on a
surface sounds like a train! Then
slowly but surely the sky starts to

clear. The rain lightens up
and misty colors appear. Then
all that is living see beautiful
rainbows, Reminding all of the
Lords promise which always
shows. Now one just loves to

watch the storm knowing theres
always peace after the storm.
God shows his love in many forms.
So when life seems disastrous,
and you're broken and torn,
Remember that the Lord always
brings peace after the storm.

- China Alicia Rivera


Main Pastime:
[t] Meditating,

[t] Reading;
Mostly about God and spirituality.
(Im a very spiritual and God loving person)
I wouldn't say i'm religious though!
Just spiritual and i love God very much.

[t] Writing Poetry, Stories, Songs.
Definitely check out my poetry and stories!
(You can get a better idea of my personality that way!)

[t] Art: Creating illustrations, Digital Art, Painting

[t] Internet Surfing, Chatting, Making New Friends, Networking


Shopping, Eating Out, Or chilling in the park.
Talking on the phone.
Sometimes i'll play basketball (mainly shooting hoops) making guys look bad on the court. "Hey, I can't help if i can aim!"
Also, I'll play catch with a football or i'll play tennis.
I'm up for anything Sporty and fun; just as long as it doesn't hurt people.
Dangerous play? No! Not fun.

I Swim Deep Into The Sea Of God's Love
and Spirituality Manifested In Me And Draw
Up The Lords Stories & Lyrical Poetry.
Don't Miss Out! Check it Out!


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