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Author StevenHunley
Member Since December 3, 2010 (last seen 18 hours ago)
Hometown Long Beach, United States
Born San Diego on January 14
Gender Male
Relationship Status In Love
Career/Occupation Teacher
My Likes realism/photography and old movies
My Dislikes people that sing to their suppers
Favorite Author Alan Sillitoe
Favorite Book/Poem too many to mention
My Motto is Life isn't out to bite you
My Favorite Quote A man's got to know his limitations--Dirty Harry Calahan
Above all else, I love french fries and catsup
 I have been writing for 3 years & have read 761 poems here
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 I currently have 66 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Crystal Reviewer with 50 Comments
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I've read the classics, and very few of the authors I read are still alive. Alan Sillitoe, who was my favorite, died last April. The masters have stood the test of time. I figure, if you aim to be like the best, and fail, you might still end up a pretty good hack writer anyway. I've kept journals for years, but have only been writing for a year now. The stories have been only getting decent just lately. It's a skill like any other, writing is, and can be be taught or learned. But you gotta wanna do it real bad, and you have to practice. My stories are totally makeshift, entirely unreliable, and shaky at best.

Some people like them and some don't. It all too Roshomon to my way of thinking, all a bit too subjective. One thing I noticed about writing. Like any art, you can't please everybody .

I've been trying to get some stuff published and the first is hitting the presses on the first of March in Flying Saucer zine. I wouldn't bother with the mag. The short story Laundromat is the one. I'll put it here too. It's a print mag. Two others are in Story House an e-zine.

I read as much as I can. Comparing styles themes and characters and dialogue. I have a thing about finding new words. I like realism, but like writing all over the genre board. Across the board. If you like writing I suggest reading my short story The Writer. It will let you know what you're letting yourself in for. What all writers are in for. Writing as a process of discovery, about the world outside, and your own private inside world too.
I recommend it.

So read on. The Angry Young Men didn't die out in the sixties at all. We're still alive and kicking.

In anyone particular work it's impossible to satisfy everyone. Then why worry. Experiment. Sometimes you learn that you can't please everybody. This is one of those times. Best of luck to all of you out there. I know you work hard at your craft.



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