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Life, Love, And Other Things

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Member Since July 29, 2011 (last seen 9 months ago)
Hometown United Kingdom
Born 1971 on March 4
Gender Male
Relationship Status Married
Career/Occupation 'Husband'. Heritage Assistant. Amateur Actor. Creative Writer.
My Likes Reading, Drama and the Theatre, Poetry and Creative Writing, Art and Music
My Dislikes Cauliflower Cheese.
Favorite Author Terry Pratchett
Favorite Book/Poem Any Discworld novel
My Motto is Look To The Future
Above all else, I love My partner. Then chocolate. Then coffee :)
 I have been writing for 22 years & have read 7999 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 254 points
 I currently have 166 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Sapphire Reviewer with 761 Comments
  My Review Quality is 99.48 % (based on 381 votes)
  My Profile has been viewed 7565 times and I have 42 Fans

Hello, and a very warm welcome to my site. Please make yourselves at home. My works are listed below, in their respective folders. They are listed by approximate date of composition. I have shortened some titles.

Getting Personal

1995-97: Crimson Passions (The Red Rose), Flame of Desire, War of the Roses, When Love Is Blind (A Persian Fantasy; revised 2015).
1999-2001: Dark Magic in Glastonbury, Demon Lover (Shady Lady), Love-sucking Vampires. 2001-03: Love Match in Paris, French Lesson, Twisted Tale.
2002? - 2004/5: Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Life's Mirror, Deckchairs on the Titanic.
2008-09: Fatal Attraction (Black Roses); Whirlwind Romance; Lost Innocence (revision of Crimson Passions).
2010: On Getting Bad Reviews; Mrs Cornelia.
2011: My Guiding Star; Please Be Mine.
2012: Tudor Love Story (3 parts)
2014: The Loving Cup.; The Composer ; Face From the Past; On Being Bipolar; My Shooting Star; {The two Shakespeare pieces}; The Sacred Heart; Biker Boy Crashes Out!; My Reply To Elfqueena's ''Writers Block"; How Not To Drown Sorrow; Alex Lockwood Is Getting Married.
2015: Catching The Thought-flow; The Power of Love; To My Beloved on Valentine's Day; The Spice of Life; Making Life Complicated; The Perfect Sunday Morning; I Will Always Be Yours; How My Family Spend Xmas; Family Tales: Parts 1 (French Connection?) and 2 (The Governor);

Heaven & Hell
2000-01: Demon Lover; September 11 2001.
2005-06: Broken Mirror.
2006-07: Archangel Michael;.
2011: Crowning Glory; Creation Myth.
2013: Archangel Uriel; Dark Sun Rising;
2014: In Remembrance; Eternal Flame; The Cathedral; St Sebastian (5 parts); Hell-Bent, Not Heaven-Sent; The Dark Monks' Revenge; Legend of Glastonbury (An Old Somerset Poem); St Michael (A two-part poem); Keeping The Faith (A Knight's Dream).
2015: The Last Judgement; Sol Invictus; Love is Sacred; Sanctuary From The Storm.
2016: Silent Knight, Holy Knight; Calling In The Archangels (Meditation); a Journey Through The Heavens;

This World & Other Worlds

1996: Alien World/Desolation.
2006-07: Grave Trouble; Thief in the Night.
2008-09: A Message Lost.
2009-10: Five Brothers.
2011: Diamond Planet.
2012: Getting Older; Thief of Time; Our Destiny.
2013: Omens and Portents; Wide Grey Sea; My Third Earthquake; Stream of Consciousness; Astromancer’s Prediction; Oceans of Night.
2014: After the Rains; Mysterious Avalon (2 parts); Escape to the Country; Three of Diamonds Meditation; Life Among The Stars; Spirit of the Dawn (The Rising Sun); Revealing Identity? ; Why I Hate Summer.
2015: Shadows of the Rose; Angelus (In The Wind); Lost In The Forest; Sleep-walking On The Moon; Sol Invictus; The Wreck of The Isabella.
2016: In The Beginning; Lament of a Queen; The Transience of Existence; Flight of The Phoenix; 
Over The Rainbow Bridge; Cycle of The Seasons;

Tall Tales & Twisted Tales

2002-03: The Twisted Tale.
2004-05: Deckchairs on Titanic.
2009-10: Alice’s Acid Trip.
2011: Wizard of Odd; No Fairytale.
2012: Postcard From Nowhere.
2014: The Best Kept Secret Is ...
2015: The Mountain Giant; When Wizardry Ruled (Scottish Sorcery).

World Cultures

1995: When Love Is Blind (revised as A Persian Fantasy: 2015).
2007: My Viking Saga (2 parts).
2008-09: Arabian Nights (Damask Roses).
2009: Migraine-ian Rhapsody.
2010: Greek Tragedy/Latin Farce.
2011: Yin Yang Twist; Nero Fiddles.
2012: Bongo Bird; Not-Talking Heads (Easter Island); The Sunbird.
2013: Vikings Discover America; Death of the Celts; Celtic Horseman’s Legacy (5 parts); Drowned Land of Kaer-Ys; {Three Ancient Egyptian style rituals}; Reflections Upon Constantinople; Jewels of Amazonia; {Hawaiian and Maori style love poems}; Our Highland Fling.
2014: Hey Derry Down; Chinese Dragon Dance; Colossus of Rhodes (2 parts); Marcus Fabius Servillanus (2 parts); Storm Over Ancient Rome; Versailles/No Golden Age; The Japanese Garden; Pearl of The Orient.
2015: A Tale of Two Cities (Constantinople & Kiev).

Happy reading. With my blessings. Alex J. Lockwood.

NOTE : All work is officially Copyrighted and All rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2015 Alexander Lockwood-Burroughs.


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