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My Guitar Case.

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Author JustinCase
Member Since August 28, 2011 (last seen 9 months ago)
Hometown United Kingdom
Born I definitely was :D on January 1, 2011
Age 7 years
Gender Male
Relationship Status In Love
Career/Occupation Odd Jobber, Musician, Writer, Model.
My Likes Most food. Especially anything with fish, rice and pasta (or noodles)
My Dislikes The fact English weather can't decide what it's doing!
Favorite Book/Poem Anyhing with a face paced plot, and plenty of action!
My Motto is Life is what you make it.
My Favorite Quote Why paddle like fury, when you can skate?
Above all else, I love My girlfriend and my cat. :D
 I have been writing for 4 years & have read 3922 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 135 points
 I currently have 100 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Coral Reviewer with 478 Comments
  My Review Quality is 100.00 % (based on 234 votes)
  My Profile has been viewed 4653 times and I have 24 Fans

Hi fellow WN-ers, and welcome to my pages. Please make yourselves at home. My writes are a mixed bag, so hopefully, there will be something for everyone to read!

My Writing Portfolio

On Relationships

2011 - My Little Note To You; You Leave Me Feeling Blue; When Love is Blind; Museum of Lovers; She is My Angel.
2013 - I am no Romeo.
2014 - The Bedroom Buccaneer; A Problem Shared is... ; Girl With The Emerald Eyes; Anything Goes (Modern Love); Her Midnight Eyes/Star Sapphires; White Fire, Dark Light/The Diamond; Red-Hot Ruby; To My Wonderful Girlfriend.
2016 - You Gave My  Wings;

Indoors and Outdoors

2013 - Winter: Nature's Artful Magician; The Wonder of Winter; Day of Doom (The Tempest); My Friend George; Bluebird of Happiness; A Ramble Through Nature; Sun, Sand, and Sea (But No Holiday); In the South Seas (The Yakka Bird);To My Cat (On Being Mew); The Streaming Lemming; Hellfire and Brimstone (The Volcano).
2014 - Hubert's Bear; A Dog's Life (The Faithful Friend); The Magnolia Tree; Two Ducks in a Fountain (A True Tale/Tail); Where is George? (Chippy and Chirpy); The Golden Days of Summer; The Bells of Llanghau (Song of Love and Loss); My Sister. My Brother. And Me; A Welsh Dragon on St George's Day (a non-fiction write!); Two Faces of the Moon; The Time-Keeper; How Not To Find A Position! (The Interview); A Loving Nature.

2015 - Polynesian Paradise; Rainfall on a Piano; The Magic of Autumn.
2016 - Morning Glory ;

History, Mythology, and Fantasy

2013 - Julius Caesar Visits Britain; My Nephew's History of the Year 1912; Here Be Dragons (A Cautionary Tale); Spell-bound in Egypt; The Fall of the Mayans; Talk Like an Egyptian; The Empire of the Sun (On the Incas).
2014 - The Magic of Robin Hood; The Enigma of St George; The Goddess Walks (O, Zenobia).
2015 - King Arthur's Order of the Round Table.
2016 - The Princess and the Magician (a Two Part Persian-set Fairy-tale); The Walled Garden (a Three-Part Indian-set Fairy-tale); Spending Time In A Pyramid; An Absent-Minded God;

My Weird Writing

2010 - A Gothick Tale.
2011 - Is There Life After? (A Cautionary Tale); Aliens in My Garden (a Stupid Dream); Upon Halloween Night.
2013 - My Turkish Delight (Chocaholic Confessions); The Mystery of Tobias Gray (Parts One and Two); Alicia Joins The Tea Party; When Midnight Strikes; Ten Stupid Facts; Some of My Acrostics; Shadow of a Doubt.
2014 - Don't Read Your Horoscope!; Little Yellow Duck; Boy in a Cornfield (A Recurring Dream); A Bit of Luna-cy ; The Urban Jungle; The Power of Nature (The Cruel Sea); Shameless Product Placement; The Space Cadet ; Fangs For The Memory!; Ghosts In The Fog; Doing The Funky Monkey!; The Silver Blaze Mystery (two-part poem).
2015 - The Cycle of Life; All Hallow's Eve ; On The Night of Howl-o-ween .
2016 - Lost In Hyper-Space? (Ninth Planet) ; Going Bats In The Belfry ;

The Silent Movie: Poppy's Dilemma (2011)

Part One (Poppy in Peril);
Part Two (Poppy in Limbo),
Part Three (Poppy's Looney Tune);
Part Four (The Final Cut?).


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