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Something Wicked Comes this way

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Author Wickedsoul
Member Since June 16, 2012 (last seen 3 months ago)
Hometown Candler, NC, United States
Born on June 19, 1972
Age 45 years
Gender Female
Relationship Status Complicated
 I have been writing for 3 years & have read 931 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 7 points
 I currently have 38 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Crystal Reviewer with 68 Comments
  My Review Quality is 100.00 % (based on 37 votes)
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OK, I know I have horrible grammar and awful at spelling and make allot I mean allot of era's but I appreciate all the comments that are given good or bad, is that not how we learn? I have kept hidden all my works just because of that fact, but I said frig it, maybe I can post and get help?? I have a lot of passion in my writing, even thou most is kinda on the dark or morbid but I like to get your mind a thinking... To all whom comment thank you so much!!!!

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