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Author BlueLagoon
Member Since February 28, 2013 (last seen 6 days ago)
Hometown St Anne's Lytham Lancashire, United Kingdom
Born Davyhulme, Manchester on November 23
Gender Female
Relationship Status Divorced
Career/Occupation Retired/Secretary
My Likes Music, Singing, Gardening, Being CreativeSpiritual, + various
My Dislikes Shallowness, Lies, Vulgarity.
Favorite Author Varies
Favorite Book/Poem too many to name
My Motto is Try to close the door on hurt memories
My Favorite Quote No one can make you feel inferior, unless you let them
Above all else, I love my family and friends
 I have been writing for 2 years & have read 8058 poems here
 I support this site as a PRO PRO member and have 165 points
 I currently have 156 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Sapphire Reviewer with 692 Comments
  My Review Quality is 99.80 % (based on 503 votes)
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HHH I cannot pretend to be a poet in the true sense of the word but enjoy sometimes putting my feeling and thoughts into words.

My love is singing ,music to me is food for the soul and a feel good factor which helps me through hard times.

Having read just a few poems on here makes me feel less like a poet, though now understanding we all have our own thoughts and words when we pen the page.

In all honesty not 100% certain how the site works with all the additions that people have included into their poems i.e music etc. It is quite an eye opener and just what I wish to do as I love creativity.

Learning slowly but surely about the site and really truly love it ~ reading other people's poems and stories, fantastic and shows just how different we all pen our words

Find it a little more difficult now with the edit page being so small as blind in one eye, therefore use word and transfer over but then have to re-edit as it leaves it in block form.  I do however find many of the other additions good much easier to download pictures and to enlarge the writing to read the written work.

I have met some lovely people on here and many friends who have helped me to understand more about poetry without them would have been completely lost. was granted non-exclusive rights to display this work
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