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The poetic fury of Heidi Shavill

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Author HeidiShavill
Member Since May 28, 2013 (last seen 9 months ago)
Hometown Denver, United States
Born baby girl Gunther on July 26, 1974
Age 43 years
Gender Female
Relationship Status Married
Career/Occupation Operations Clerk @ CoreMark
My Likes Singing, Writing and reading laughing and kickin it with my friends and fucked up little family
My Dislikes Chomos,Onions, bananas and people who forget where they have been
Favorite Author My favorite author is my 7 year old she reads @ 4th grd lvl
Favorite Book/Poem Poetic Fury, The Shack, From the Corner of His Eye, Odd Thomas
My Motto is Never forget where you've been karma sucks n sure as shit you'll end up here again
My Favorite Quote Evil wins when good men fail to act
Above all else, I love My children living and deceased & my Karlin
 I have been writing for 20 years & have read 779 poems here
 I support this site as a Free member and have 13 points
 I currently have 26 entries in my Writing Portfolio
 I am a Crystal Reviewer with 66 Comments
  My Review Quality is 100.00 % (based on 36 votes)
  My Profile has been viewed 1750 times and I have 6 Fans
I live in Colorado, my mom blew herself away, so I am the proverbial”orphan.” I have demons, but I've made them my bitch; I smile every day cause I should be miserable. My son passed away 9 years ago, he was only 6, and one of the greatest souls to have ever lived among us humans. I have three other children one of them hates me, I deserve it. I truly thought I would be a great mom but you need one, to be one it turns out. My oldest was relinquished by me on Christmas day in '89. Being an adopted child myself, this experience taught me the true meaning of loving selflessly. I love my birthmother, though she wanted better for me than the hand I was dealt. My daughter loves me now for the life I gave her. I did the best thing for her absolutely. My youngest, Jaydi is 7 years old in normal people years. However, in freaky smart kid years she is definitely wise beyond that. I hope to raise her right, I parent differently now that I am grown. I am a trauma survivor, I disassociate sometimes; PTSD and me are constantly in a knock-out-drag-out battle for control. I struggle but I'll persevere, I am told that I’ve got Moxie or spunk and that is how I stay afloat. Singing is my lifelong passion it’s how I have always soothed my broken heart. I write so I don't snap one day. I surprise myself when my random blathering actually metamorphosis’s into a work of art. I am proud of my ability. I write for my own sanity. I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, other than an all-around good person and a great friend, mother and woman. This is my first attempt at a poetry book albeit meager. Please be patient as this is the precious chewy center of me, and as am I, it is a work in progress. Humbly yours Heidi Shavill 2013


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