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I have travelled widely around the world. And, for a while, in my childhood, lived in the Far East. This made a big impression in my formative years, especially encountering Buddhism and Hinduism. My beliefs are more 'spiritual' than 'religious', though. My own 'roots' are varied - Anglo-Scots-Irish, French, German, via India, the United States and Australia! Many of Mum's family were born or grew up in India. Not surprising, my tastes in food, music, and art are diverse.

My writing is drawn from a mixture of life-experience and an active (my family and friends say overly so) imagination! Oh, and a 'sense of drama', as the theatre is one of many main passions. I have been doing acting (at an amateur level), and watching plays, since I was about 8. [My first role was an elf, BTW. Says a lot, really ] And I am member (since 2000) of a theatre club.


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