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My name is Judy Ball.
I've been writing since I was very young.
I guess I must have about 300 poems floating around.
Many are in journals that as they get filled up I give them to my daughters who think I write really well. At least that's what they tell me. lol
I was born in the southern U.S in Florida but have lived for the past 38 yrs in Canada.
My husband's work brought us here and we do love it here. I believe God brought us here.
I am 65 yrs. young and have nine grandchildren who are all unique and beautiful. No two are exactly alike. God is so good that way. We all have different talents, different thoughts, different looks even though we are from the same family and have family resemblances we are unique unto ourselves. It makes life so interesting.
I love to ride horse back, hike, ride my bike, garden, sew, groom dogs and cats (I'm a retired groomer) and write poetry.
Above all else God is the love of my life.
I have been married for 46 yrs. to the same man.
I have a bent and twisted sense of humor so sometimes people take me wrong but I really mean no harm. If I say something that offends you please don't take it to heart.
I don't judge anyone.
I leave that up to God.
I wrote a book called "LOVE LETTERS TO MY DAUGHTERS" that is being published by Author House Publishing.
It is a book of inspirational poems that have a verse from Scripture under each poem that goes with the subject of the poem and under that a paragraph that also goes with the subject of the poem concerning something that I have personally learned from life.
It should be ready by Christmas time.
God Bless,


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