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I was born and bred in Wiltshire in 1940. It was an idyllic childhood that encompassed World War 2. We did not experience any severe air raids or other forms of attack, in fact the war made it better for us as there were no Dads around to discilpline us. In truth our mothers did a better job. I enjoyed the country life learning how to poach rabbits pheasants and partridges.
At the age of 15 I joined the Royal Navy where a totally different brand of education began. I quickly adapted to the life of Jack the Lad and went on to learn in the academy of life. Some good and some bad.

During my Royal Navy service I married and became a father remaining in service untill my demob'. On leaving the RN I tried shore side working and to some extent partially enjoyed it but decided that I was more suited to seafaring. I became divorced and met and married my life partner, a woman who has been the centre of my universe to the present time and hopefully until my demise. I joined the Merchant Navy and that was where I remained until retirement. It was during my merchant navy service that I started to write poems, the intention being to get my point accross to the shore side office staff. We continually received e-mail orders that, if the office had ever experienced working on a vessel, would have realised how ridiculous their demands were.
Once I had settled into retirement I decided to write a biography covering my childhood from 1940--1955 and share my freedom to roam experiences that children of today would not even be allowed to think about let alone take part in. It was published and titled "Hazelnuts and Moorhens Eggs" and is available from Amazon in both book and E-Book form (plug)
I have been working on another project since which I have called Rhymes and Reasons based on the format of providing a reason for each poem / rhyme that I write.
I thoroughly enjoy retirement and also writing cryptic verse.
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