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I started writing "at the turn of the century" in a little log cabin on the edge of the wood. Since there was no other light than kerosene lanterns, and since I had to do all the work around the house to earn kerosene, I had not much time to write, since I was spending all my free time reading, and waiting to become President of the United States!!!

Really, I started writing in my seventeenth year, a fractionally comprised human being, at odds with all of life, especially myself. Because of a failed "love affair," I had to have some sort of outlet, and found writing my own thoughts to, and about myself, to be extremely satisfying.

My writing is 90% soul, 5% mind, and 5% hand movement. Comprising the other fraction of my being, writing helped me to become whole. (What I will never know, but whole none the same)!

My mind is a cave that goes on for ever I can't reside in it. but leave it never; Sometimes it is very hot. sometimes very cold, Sometimes very young, sometimes very old; Because of physical impairments, I write, Of mental infringements. I gain new sight; I know this may not make much sense, But to find my being, I look now whence; Sometimes I may not be what I appear to be, But don't look too closely, I really am me! 8/9/13

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