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Hi, my name is Rachel, for anyone caring enough to read this and learn a bit about me.
Currently I'm a 17 year old girl from Lincoln, Nebraska in my Junior year of High School and I've been struggling with depression for the past three years, and emotional stress for the past 7.
I've had social anxiety since the 5th grade and have been completely friendless and antisocial since a year and a half ago.
If there's anything special to say about me it's that I love to write, draw, and take photography.
At the moment I'm in my third semester of a drawing class, having taken two semesters of photography, and am taking a Diff. English class.
I'll be taking AP Lit/Comp. next year alongside a creative writing class and a journalism class.
I want to be a Journalist one day, if such a dream is possible. From my poetry I appear to be a very negative person, but in terms of life I am more of a realist.
I want to graduate from the University of Nebraska one day with a bachelor's degree and have a major in Journalism, and a minor in English, or vice versa.
Other than that, I'm just an ordinary teenager of no real significance.
I think my main goal in life is to be happy, find love, build a family, and find my place in this world.
But my other goal is to inspire people along the way, make a difference in a person's life, however small is it. I want to change perspectives, enlighten minds, alter standards. I want to have purpose, a reason for being here on earth. I want to do something that will still be here when I'm long gone.
And it may be a fruitless effort, but I guess I'll just have to see. If there's one thing I fear most it is the future. It's not only unpredictable, it's unknown. And the unknown can be either be a horrifying fate or an amazing experience.
The thing that a lot of people get wrong about me is that they think I'm depressed about my past. And though I mention the past a lot in my poems, it's not because the past was terrible; in fact from the time when I was 10 years and younger, they were the best years of my life.
And looking back you might say that's it's crazy, but my childhood was everything to me. What happened when I was 10 left me devastated, dazed, confused. Everything just seemed to break all at once that year, and I couldn't pick myself back up, and I still haven't.
I don't want to explain what happened when I was 10, but all I can say it changed me more than anything ever has. And I'm still trying to be okay with what went down in those short few months where my life shattered.


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