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The Newfangled Sky

Author: stellarram
Created: June 26, 2013 at 07:57 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Dark | Supernatural | Thriller
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The Calling  

The Secret....
Yes, a clandestine episode in sequence is what I am going to share with you...
It was a spring daybreak walk with spongy thoughts.
We all had our own magical pots.

I tried to fling craving looks to some striking Women who were departing somewhere.
They watched their watches but failed either to watch me or to be watchful of me.
Holiday made me to wander sloppily.
Tripping and nipping the rainy day, I arrived near a forlorn warehouse.

"Please, save me. Someone please help me".
The tone was strident and lucid.
I went into the realm of that place.
It looked like a Mirage.

Single voice amplified to manifold voices with the same appeal.
I awed what to do; but I kept going in.
On my way, I met an elfin Kid.
I asked her to elucidate me on what is the mayhem inside.

"Ssshhh.... Secrets can't be enlightened. You go and see the bizarre for yourself".
What is there to witness except my thoughts of sea?
The Child kept moving under her own steam outside like a cloud mutely stirring away.
Will my inner serenity catch up with me?

My can of thoughts were opened in my mind.
All of them bawled in one voice, "Yes, we can".
Qualms started evading from me; I went in with a brimming poise.
I did see lot of defying People who were tied in manacles.

Who is the Master of this Puppetry?
I searched for that person all around.
All of them beseeched me to liberate them.
They didn’t grasp that I also got caught in this hem.

Somebody stroked my Shoulders.
I turned around and saw a red clad Woman.
“Three questions I will ask.
You should not wear any inner visor.”

“I expect candid answers.
If you give me them, I will discharge these dancers.
If first question is answered, you can get out.
If second query is retorted, all others can get out.”

“If the third one is properly responded, I will get out after gratifying one wish of you.
The Child whom you had seen had got only the first one right.
Are you ready for the game?”
I replied in affirmative.

Pain filled eyes of the captives gazed me in tension.
“Who are you?”
“I am Original”.
“You earned your first privilege.”

“Who are these captured People?”
“Flawed creatures who can be forgiven.”
“You lose your second privilege.”
“Barter my first one with the second one.”

“I warn you, there is no way back.”
“It is fine with me.”
A magic had happened. Chained Humans were set gratis.
They thanked me with their tears.

“Go out, you all craven collection of flesh! We must be alone.”
Everyone went away.
“The last one, who am I?”
“I am not a judge. But you are doing your duty, you are a labor.”

“Tell me what I can do for you before I leave.
But you can’t go away from here any time.”
I looked straight into her feminine soul inside the devilish outfit.
“I want to confer you some love.”

She broke down and cried in my Shoulders.
“I don’t want to punish them. But If I don’t, I will be castigated.
You were right for the second one too.
I lied so that I can take you to the third.”

“Go back, resign and come back soon.”
She vanished with a tearful smile.
I started walking back to my home.
The rain drops made me wet.

She thudded back to Earth like a reuniting Pet.
I am piggy bagging her to our own Paradise.

© Stellar Ram 2013

Last Modified: January 08, 2014 at 03:42 pm
© stellarram - all rights reserved

Author Notes

A somewhat complex poem for the readers to understand as it is basically woven on top of a fantasy story. Your honest feedback is most welcome.

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Comments & Reviews

January 09, 2014
Helpful? Thumbs UpThumbs Down
Long rout of saying
the Devil was one of the Divine Beings 100% devoted to the Almighty Spirit's Plan for the untidy human souls. Usually I love long explanations for their so much interesting matters of perceivable life to discover and understand. Not this one for you blessed with seeing much further (in your dreams you do) and could deliver better (pass the old subject of blaming our mistakes to some Devil). Also I didn't like you hinting to the ability of you mind being sorry or especially advising anything towards Our Watchful Divine Spirit of Michael. I hope you didn't know it is always He - Archangel Michael comes in Cesar's red cape to judge the wicked on spot and to hint them it was time rather think than just survive by any means.

I agree with your concept of understanding the 'Devil'. You are right! Divine has the Power of representing both Good and Bad. In Hinduism, God says "I am the Good, I am the Bad, I am the Start, I am the End, I create, I protect, I destroy and I recreate". Untidy human souls exist everywhere. Awareness is what will give them enlightenment. That awareness will come from them experiencing tough situations in their life such as loss, sorrow and tragedy. Representation of Devil becomes a part of that. Ultimately, the untidy soul must realize its very essence of existence. Yeah, Archangel Michael's representation is one of my favorite themes as well.

Pleasure having your comments here! Can't thank you more.

Warm Regards,
Stellar Ram.

 stellarram replied on January 10, 2014

June 26, 2013
Helpful? Thumbs UpThumbs Down
Welcome back. This poem is too complex for an old hillbilly like me to understand so I'll be watching for your future posts. Perhaps I will be able to grasp the meaning. Elton

Thank you Elton. Let me explain you the story in short. Then read the Poem again. Hopefully, you will understand it. A man who was wandering on spring day near a warehouse, hears some voices inside. A small Kid who was coming out asks him to go and check it for himself. He goes in and sees lots of People tied in chains and punished. He searches for the person who executes it. It is a lady devil. She says she will ask him three questions and explains the rules. What happens after that is the heart of the story. Thanks a lot for your comments. By the Way, I never underestimate anyone. Hillbillies are also one among the best. And that too old hillbilly denotes a lot of experience.

Warm Regards,
Stellar Ram.

 stellarram replied on June 26, 2013

Dear Mr. EltonCamp,

As a friendly reminder, I am back to the site and starting posting my works all over again. You are welcome to read my latest ones and comment on them. Thanks a lot for your Support.

Warm Regards,
Stellar Ram.

 stellarram replied on October 15, 2013


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