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The Newfangled Sky

Author: stellarram
Created: March 10, 2014 at 06:04 pm
Upload Type: Poem, G (All)  
Category: Philosophy | Peace | Contemporary
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So far but so Close  

Dream Feathers from wounded wings of a Flower Bird fell down on Earth.

It was hoping to witness its own days of Mirth.

Silent hell is better than a noisy heaven.

Love can't be compelled to be given.

Humanity washed out its Sanity and the bird was nowhere to be seen.

Even the almighty closed its chapter; layer of Love is so lean.

Is it a flower like Bird or a Bird like flower?

Bird is hurt so bad; but by closing our gaze, are we really looking clever?

Spirituality beholds Sanity; Bird just woke up meekly.

Wings flapped a bit; hell or heaven, it can survive bleakly.

A soothing voice whispered into its ears;
"If this is the worst, you are bound to get better only;
Best will take care of the rest. Get up and Survive".

The Bird and its dreams are original. It is trying to crawl.

It said aloud, "I won't die before I fly".

Stellar Ram 2014

© stellarram - all rights reserved

Author Notes

We all are Birds who love to fly high. Sometimes, we get injured. We have to resurrect and refresh ourselves. Survival is the Key.

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Comments & Reviews

March 10, 2014
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I could read it over and over

Thank you Incandescent Lady! Glad to have your appreciation. You are welcome to read and comment on my other works as well. Take Care!

Warm Regards,
Stellar Ram.

 stellarram replied on March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014
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Exceptionally Sweet!
What an amazing poem, without words to describe the beauty of it's complexity.

Thanks a lot Amor! Your encouragement means a lot to me. Saw your profile and read some of your poems. "Continuum" impressed me a lot. It surely is a poetic diamond. Thanks again. I will try to keep up the same quality.

Warm Regards,
Stellar Ram.

 stellarram replied on March 10, 2014


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