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Author: taylor12
Created: January 02, 2018 at 03:15 pm
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How Cold Is It  

                                               How Cold Is It

It seems as though “Global Warming” is failing as much of the country is falling under record cold temperatures. I know, I know, we have changed the term from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”. That term can be used more consistently to describe any weather related activity or phenomenon. Hurricanes now caused by man, high tide caused by man, Solar flares, animal movements, bowel movements, medical emergencies, snow storms and God only knows what else is being attributed to man by the left leaning whack-a –doodles that are armed with only weather “MODELS” as proof of their political agenda. These models have no basis in reality and are computer generated ---- garbage in – garbage out.

The UN has weighed in on this with their multimillion dollar report telling us (Mostly the US) that climate change is more important and dangerous than terrorism. This coming from one of the most corrupt organizations on the face of this earth! They have shown us photos of Polar Bears sitting on ice floats of six square feet. What Hooey!

Trump just recently cut the US contribution to the UN by some $284 million, I believe was the number, certainly not enough in my view. They must have racked up that much in parking tickets never paid, by now. We should boot them the hell out of the country and a more effective use of that ocean front property would be housing for the homeless vets on our streets.

Let me get back to why I came here before I got sidetracked. Over the weekend I listened to radio news, local by nature. I live in a beachside community in the northeast and Damn It’s Cold! How cold you ask? It is so cold that the news yesterday brought these two ditties to me.

The first was about a harbor seal walking (that was the term they used) down Rt. 6A. That road is several miles from the harbor and certainly not having ever seen a seal away from the harbor never mind so far away I had to assume the poor fella needed to get away from the bitter cold water! He was picked up by animal rescue and taken to rehab.

The next bit of news was in the same vain. It was about a Loon (the bird, not the lefty) frozen in the surf. The environmental police had to crack the ice around his or her frozen tootsies to release it and again off to rehab. In all my years I have never heard of such stories. I have lived through many hurricanes, floods, even some earthquakes, multi foot snowstorms and heat waves. The only phenomenon I have missed is a tornado and I think I’ll keep it that way.

Anyhow my oil tank is depleting much valued contents at a rapid rate and I blame the lefties for my lack of preparation! I expected to be half swallowed by the sun by now!

Happy (Frozen ) New Year!

© taylor12 - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 2)

January 19, 2018
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Very interesting, entertaining, and, to some extent, accurate. I do think that global warming is taking place, though, since winters are much milder than they were when I was a boy. I don't know if that is due to human activity or is just cyclical in that the earth has always had warm and cool periods. I also, selfishly, am not concerned since I am very old and won't suffer the consequences.

Thank you for reading and comments. You always welcomed. All this global warming nonsense is just a lot of Ho Ha. Weather has always cyclical. I remember storms as a kid that were three feet deep in snow and the same was true 2 years ago where i live now which a great deal more moderate due to being surrounded by the ocean. All this global warming nonsense is based on computer models but no real delving into real weather. As usual these climate radicals do what they must to get to the conclusions they need. Much of the data they use is from corrupt sources such as placing thermometers in the middle of a paved parking lot. These are the same folk that have decided that puddles were bodies of water and contained the snail darter whatever that is. Everyday there are species going extinct as well as new species being found. I am far more concerned that we only have about 450 right whales left and these wackos are monitoring a puddle. Anyway, so nice to hear from you again. All the best, Taylor. 

 taylor12 replied on January 19, 2018

January 03, 2018
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Quite humorous!
Above all else, I'll say this was quite a humorous piece even though I believe it was meant to sound very serious. Yep, these are all realities we have to face and it's a good thing we have began to realize that a lot of it is manmade. The good news it that if it can be done, it can be undone, just requires a ridiculous amount of determination on a massive scale. An enjoyable piece, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your time and comments. All the best.

 taylor12 replied on January 19, 2018

January 02, 2018
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political commentary
Not much of a write except for rightist commentary and denial of science. That being said your message was clear. On a more personal level I always wonder why you would call all people who care about the planet as leftists. Conservatives have the same stake in protecting the environment so it can maintain a healthy ongoing profitable society. Just wondering as I am no leftist. Oh, maybe you can use a solar panel or two to help with your oil tank costs. Just

In response, man could not change the climate if he killed off all of mankind! Do you really think that conservatives don't give a damn about pollution and preservation? If so it just confirms my thinking of leftists. You may think it is all about the planet but the real situation id all about money. Just ask Al Gore the god of global warming. His monthly electric bill is $35,000 and he along with along  the other planetary saviors fly all, over the world in private jets with one or two people on board. talk about a waste of energy!
As to this write it was kind of tongue and cheek but I think your world view has clouded that. 
Be well.

 taylor12 replied on January 02, 2018


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