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Created: January 08, 2018 at 05:47 am
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Foxy Friendship  

Foxy Friendship
I was walking round a country lane enjoying the exercise
When I spotted a dog staring at me, I was taken by surprise
It resembled a dog to start with I was about to tick the box
When I realised it wasn't a dog in fact it was a very young fox

He refused to move and stood his ground staring me in the face
His appearance here in the middle of the lane interrupted my pace
I reduced my speed and slowly approached but he refused to shift
So I spoke to him in a quiet voice convinced that he'd get my drift

Then I was completely baffled because his little jaw began to move
He began to mumble in a strange way as if he had something to prove
I swear he was talking so I dropped to my knees and I lent him an ear
I said "Go ahead my friend, say what you want, you have nothing to fear"

That's how I became an animal lover, the fox and I still meet in the lane
He keeps me in touch with life in the animal world every now and again
When I think back to the U.K. days of fox-hunting It feels terrible to think
Humans would have been the reason for friendly foxes to become extinct.

Rod Broomham (c)

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© matelotrod - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Not really sure where this one came from but here in the UK we seem to be causing our wild life to diminish as we keep on invading their living areas.

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Comments & Reviews ( X 6)

January 10, 2018
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I love it !!!
It's light and cute

Just the way I wanted thanks for your review.   Rod.

 matelotrod replied on January 11, 2018

January 09, 2018
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I liked it.
The imagery was good and the setting (man on a walk) too. And it does have a rhyme scheme of AA BB. It has all that. What it doesn't have is meter. I suggest iambic pentameter, which could give it good rhythm. Poetry when spoken has aspects of ;music, and rhythm adds to that. W. Sommerset Maugham said language should be "sonorous." Study Poe and read him aloud. Then read yours. I haven't put any stories on this site for 4 or 5 years. Now I have my five points. I'll put a story in today. If it's terrible I don't know what I'm talking about. If it's good you may consider this further.

I'm afraid we differ in our style of writing Steve. I write for my own enjoyment and also to keep me kicking as I have reached 78years of age. I need something to occupy my shrinking brain and I do get a certain satisfaction out of posting to WN. thanks for your review but things will not change so I will just keep going while I still can.    Rod.

 matelotrod replied on January 11, 2018

January 09, 2018
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A lively poem
This poem is very lively. I enjoyed it. It had an interesting rhyme pattern. It had a few surprises though. When I read the last two lines of the first stanza and realized the persona had mistaken a fox for a dog it made me laugh. Thought of it initially as a bit of a rude awakening. It was interesting though how the fox stood his ground, everything seemed to scream danger, and when it seemed like the fox was 'speaking', that was another rude awakening. But the friendship the persona developed with the fox was interesting and beautiful. Especially, when the persona begins to consider other fearful possibilities, in that humans could be responsible for the extinction of the fox and that friendship might never have come to be. It was a bit of a pleasant ending.

Sorry for not replying earlier, I thought I had but spotted today that there was no comment, the brain is going blanc lately. Glad you enjoyed the Fox story and I must admit the latter part of the poem is based on how stupid we humans are when it come to taking care of our wildlife. I suppose we will just carry on depriving them all of their habitat until there is nothing of Nature's little fellows left on the planet!  Thanks for your review      Rod. 

 matelotrod replied on January 12, 2018

January 09, 2018
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Well OK...
Rod Doolittle! And don't take that as teasing or a put-down my friend. I talk to squirrels and whistle to birds. And lately one of my best friends is my elderly dog. Animals are truly wonderful and I agree that it's sad we encroach upon their living areas. Well said!


I sometimes feel that I get more understanding from animals than I do from humans, at least I know the animal never lies to me. We seem to forget that we are animals ourselves but constantly ignore Old Mother Nature's rules and regulations. thanks for the review now I must give my mate a bone.   Rod.

 matelotrod replied on January 11, 2018

January 08, 2018
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Just like in the cartoons
Drums up the perfect picture for an animated short film. Good imagery.

I'm a little past making a film Kitty although I can see what you mean. I did point out that the fox is becoming a bit of an invasive problem but that is no reason why they should be caught and murdered by Hounds. Good to hear from you my lovely.  Take care   Rod.

 matelotrod replied on January 09, 2018

January 08, 2018
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wildlife has its place
in the environment and foxes are no exception, they hunt to kill yes and that is the nature of them. I was worried that our prime minister was going to allow the fox hunting ban to be revoked but it seems she has been pressurized into changing her mind thank goodness. Foxes are beautiful, the farmers breed animals to be slaughtered anyway for profit, the foxes mainly kill to survive... and never deserve to hunted and killed in a barbaric manner wrongly called sport.

I agree with you Stella, I also thought the PM was going to set the hounds loose again. I lived in the country and I remember how the Hunting team and all the hounds would gather then the Hunters would have a glass of wine before they galloped off. Thanks for your review and although I am pleased that the fox is now safe I do feel that they are also taking over our habitats and taking no notice of we silly humans. Take care    Rod.

 matelotrod replied on January 08, 2018

I agree Rod, there are coming too close  . but maybe that is because their natural habitat is being taken by us and built upon and they have to venture out for food....Also if they or any other wild creature need to be culled.. let it be done humanely.

 Stella replied on January 09, 2018

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