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Created: April 18, 2010 at 07:40 pm
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Sorry for the word Sorry  

Oh. "Sorry for the word Sorry". I feel Sorry to let you think a bit about this title.
But believe me, you will understand what I am going to tell you through My Writing.language lets us to communicate
with the help of words. There are Trillions of words as much as can think.Among these there is a word "SORRY".
No "Sorry" doesn't mean "Some One really rejects you" but you are right that it means "the feeling regret". But
we don't really make a proper use of this word these days.May be we dint know the proper use of this word.Sorry is what we
tell after any kind of mistakes.But you know? Mistakes are mistakes.Anything can be affected by mistakes. And once you loose it you
wont get that back.Can you? Well,I dint think so.
Hope I am making it a bit complex. Let me give you few example-
-> Suppose a beggar was just going to have a piece of bread with some vegetable staffs at night.A student of college, drunk,wasted all his money in
buying bottles,having only his bus ticket,was in hurry to catch the last bus. Just when He was crossing the road he unintentionally fell on that
beggar and the bread went out from that beggar's hand and fell in to the drain. That young college lad went away only saying sorry. But do you think
that Sorry can bring any good to that beggar? At least it cant bring back his food for the entire day.So? Sorry doesn't works over here.

-> What if common people dies within the battle of politics or hatred or envy or any other reason. Can you fulfill the loss of death by saying Sorry?
You can only learn from mistakes that not to do such a non sense next time. But we cant fulfill the loss.So no special importance of Sorry over here also.

-> It is always found in a chapter of psychology that a child needs a standard happy environment and ultimate love of mom and dad to grow. But what if the relationship
of their mom and dad brakes.What if both Husband and wife goes forward to have a divorce.Will that child be able to grow in a proper way or in a proper manner?
Instead with few exceptions they will become a spoiled one.That is also a kind of blunder. We cant say and even we cant feel Sorry for that. Its a kind of ending up of a life.

My dear friends. can we say Sorry for all these reasons? Well I dint think so. What about You? In fact these reasons are something which we cant avoid or we cant stop it by
saying sorry. The word Sorry is becoming less effective and useless with its original way. So I feel Sorry for the word Sorry.Take care.God Bless You all.

© gomsi - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Hope you can understand what I am trying to say. GOD Bless you all.

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October 02, 2010
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Very written indeed
this article has been wriiten very good you are good Gomsi the brilliant and clever buddy of all writers-network this is very good i love your brilliance and talents keep on smiling my best buddy and a partner

Thank you very much my friend. Thanks a lot. Take care. Enjoy.

 gomsi replied on October 02, 2010

October 02, 2010
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Very Nicely Written!
I think in this crazy world, we have become a world of "Forgivers". And, in a sense, it is a good thing as well, as a bad thing. First, I say that in two ways, because...we all can say," I'm for the things I have said." It doesn't neccessarily mean, you will be forgiven...it just clears up any more "unknown territories" lurking in the distance.

I just think when people say they are "sorry", They try to repent and hopefully move on in life. They see the guilty side of them, and they know it's not going to be easy to replenish the Trust. But they are willing to try again.

But also, I think it is also used as an excuse. Like for instance, how can you say, "I'm sorry!" to an unborn child who has not seen the outside world yet, but he/she is killed because the mother cannot bear her own child? Meaning, having an abortion.
To me, that has baffled me alot, and most certainly touches a nerve with me.

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July 01, 2010
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That is really really great article, i think i see what you try to say, and it is very deep where you go with this word 'sorry'. This word is just a polite expression of oneself, not to hurt other people feelings, like in the first situation described. He can't just leave, because partly it was his fault, may be not. All what he can say, it is sorry. he is not going to do anything about it. and how many times we all use it during a day. Another way of using it, it is when there is nothing else to say, like in the second situation. Most important in the word sorry is when someone says it, and means it, that is a whole different situation. Great write, thank you.

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