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Author: The_Fictionist
Created: October 08, 2010 at 07:22 pm
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Circles and Squares  

You always say that people shouldn’t be fit into squares,
But circles can be vicious too.
They leave you stuck inside an endless chain
And there’s nothing you can do.

Spinning, endless, perpetually lost.
Just searching for some solid ground.
Not feeling all too moulded at all,
But still so shackle bound.

Chasing cars you’ll never reach,
Before they turn and mow you down.
While a painted smile is fixed to your face
Like you’re some sort of crazy clown.

And now we’re going round in circles,
And I’m wishing it was a square.
Because at least then I could find the entrance
For the moment that led us there.

In a square, a box, you can take off the lid,
A circle will just keep on spinning.
Down and down the rabbit hole
And no one ends up winning.

An endless cycle of rage and guilt,
Sorrow, bitterness, pain.
One moment we think we’ve worked it out
And we’re running circles starts again.

It never ends.

© The_Fictionist - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

October 10, 2010
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A square or a circle - at least in a square, you can hide in the corners.
But as you say, a circle can feel endless and going around in circles is no fun.
An interesting piece of writing.
Keep up the good work.

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October 09, 2010
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Very poetic and metaphoric, but it doesn't really make sense to me.

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October 09, 2010
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I say, "Its hip to be squared."

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