A Poem by rayrobertj

Author: rayrobertj
Created: November 07, 2010 at 06:30 pm
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A Table Meant For Two  

I'm sitting in a tavern drinking beer alone
Listen to the jukebox and getting stoned
The jukebox is playing our favorite song
I'm wondering why our love went wrong.

Now I'm sitting alone at a table meant for two.
Drinking my beer,thinking of you
We had a good thing going on
Now I'm here,drinking my beer and you are gone

We just seem to drift apart.
Falling out of love,breaking each other heart
If only she knew,what I'm going through
If she could see me .sitting at this table meant for two.

People say we were the happiest couple they seen.
If only they could see this sad scene.
Me,sitting here,drinking beer,feeling blue.
Sitting alone at a table meant for two

© rayrobertj - all rights reserved

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November 14, 2010
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this is a poem reminds me of my parents divorce how dad would just sit there drinking

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