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Author: Will
Created: August 19, 2004 at 10:27 pm
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Rubys Chapter 3

Franky said "You want me to back you as usual?"

Sam "Don't remind me just give up the money. Just how much does he owe you?"

Franky "I would say some where around twenty thousand. I will take less because it is you."

Sam "Why did you let him get that far in debt?"

Franky "He is Rubys brother".

Six hours later Sam appeared from the back room. He smelled like old cigar smoke and whiskey. He handed Franky his money.

Sam "There should be enough there to cover the kids debts and a little some thing for you".

Franky "You know your wasting your time as a gum shoe detective, your a lot better gambler. Maybe you should think about changing professions".

Sam "You need to quite watching those old movies, gum shoe detective? You know no one wins all the time. Besides its too much work. I would rather hang around Rubys, you can't beat the view".

Franky "You always did have a soft spot for her".

By the time I returned to Rubys, she had a hot bath already drawn. She was playing sweet Jazz on the radio. I turned it to the blues station and told her to sing me a song. She strolled around the room singing my man done done me wrong as she removed articles of clothing. She soon joined me in the bath. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear "I am warmed up now".

© Will - all rights reserved


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