A Poem by carmurr

Author: carmurr
Created: January 04, 2011 at 09:28 pm
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Category: Humor | Animals | General/Other
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You have to be there to really see
What a dog looks like when they really feel free.

So we jump in the car and she's ready for play.
She gets so excited to go there each day.

It's her escape from crowds and cars
And thank goodness it isn't far.

Just around the corner at best
And there are her friends, and even the pests.

Her tail wags hard and she wants to lead
As she sees the gate to finally run free.

And her ears would stand up if only they could
But they lie down like a good Lab's should.

I take off her leash and she flies away
Looking for a new dog to play.

I call her to come for a treat
But a new friend she has to meet.

They come in different colors and looks
I don't think you could find them in a book.

They're fat and thin and small and big
Some run, some chase, some jump, some dig.

My dog is social and greets everyone
Looking for a scratch or a treat from someone.

But still she runs and plays with the rest
But lays down when she spots a pest.

We meet her friends and now mine too
There's not just a few, but a whole slew.

But when it's time to go and it's late
She sees the leash and knows her fate.

So reluctantly with sad eyes she pleads
Not wanting to leave where she finally feels free.

(c) 2010

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© carmurr - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews ( X 5)

December 26, 2012
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so playful!
It does the heart good to see dogs at play... especially to see them make new friends. A delightful piece that brings the child out in me! Best wishes, Keith

This is an old one, and really, not too well written. But it was fun writing it anyway. Sorry I haven't had time to read more of your work yet, and I'm heading for the mountains tomorrow and going for a hike, so tomorrow is out, but hopefully the next day. Have a good day and thanks. Carla

 carmurr replied on December 27, 2012

January 10, 2011
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This piece makes me miss having a dog around.
It is a long time since I had to get rid of my dog but I can still remember what it was like to have that welcome and the company when the husband is at work.
Your doggy writings overflow with the love you share with those four-legged friends.

Thanks for the kind review again. I'm glad the love I have for me dogs shows through in my writings, as I do love them to bits, even through they are forever pups.

 carmurr replied on January 10, 2011

January 05, 2011
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Not a great poem but brought memories back of my own black lab who I used to walk in the park near our home.
Your right about their love of life and freedom and unforetunately about the pests as well.

I believe I owe you an apology for this miscontrued review and it should be 4.5 stars.
I had no right to say it's not a great poem because it is fine and I don't5 know what I was thinking when I posted this review, I'm sorry I got it wrong.

 philip19 replied on March 01, 2011

That's OK. I forgive you. I do appreciate it that you had the kindness to post this comment though. It made my day. I almost never get under 4 stars, so it's always a shock to me when I get lower than that, as I never leave a review that is lower than four stars, I just go off the site, but to each his own. We're all different. By the way, I love you're avatar. Is that your dog? My avatar is my big boy, Joshua, a giant gentle. My other dog is quite a nut, but I love her too. Thanks again.

 carmurr replied on March 01, 2011

That was my dog Henry, sadly he passed away a few years ago and my wife and I can't make our minds up to get another one.
Your right about the marking as well apart from my abberation with yours I rarely give under 4 and if I don't think it's worth it I don't mark.
Have a great day sorry again for the bad mark.

 philip19 replied on March 02, 2011

January 04, 2011
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So descriptive. SL Really good writing here, I felt like I was with you in the park. I love writes about animals so much and this is just soooo good. Thank you for sharing your dog with all of us here.
Yours Kassie

Thanks again, Kassie, I didn't really think this was SL material, just a bit of fun. This one is about my Sweetpea, as I can't take Joshua to the park anymore, as he's so protective of her, he gets really weird there. I did it once with a friend taking one of them and had to put him in the car, after he knocked me down and I wrestled him and got the leash on him. I hate to see the fate of someone that attacked me. Of course, Sweetpea would show them where my jewelery and cash were, if I had any. Thanks again.

 carmurr replied on January 04, 2011

Awwwww yeah one of mine is really protective too and the other is just such a mutt in comparison but yeah like little bundles of joy that take over your life dammit. Lol It made me smile and I love to see humourous things brightening people's day that's why i sl'd this cos it makes the reader happy and is written beautifully to boot.

Lol @ Joshua - Yes people make the mistake of thinking labs are simply nutty and playful but ohhh no they have that locking jaw that says 'dun mess w/ me lovely mum' lol
Good work and thank you

 Kassandra replied on January 04, 2011

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