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Author: ClarkthePoet
Created: February 13, 2011 at 01:21 am
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Synthetic Ecstasy  

Synthetic Ecstasy

Inside this fantasy it seems so real to me
synthetic ecstasy when my mind is frozen

shattered to pieces roams the misses
pieces to place indicate a mistake
an error in control, a virus nuclear war
synthetic ecstasy when my mind is frozen

so what is this frozen time
around the isle breath originates
this moment is intensified
then it all fades to gray
I want to help the mistakes but it's better to be broken then to break

so where to run between the fallen angels
inside this dwell we swell into hardened shells
to retrace how this happened
a wandering mind must freeze in ecstasy
true life behind the wall
where abandoned angels stray to dream
breaking it down to smell, sight, taste and sound

so cold where I hang upon a tree of dreamers
feeling the swelling to a boil point
with fixated memories of a time when my mind was frozen
synthetic ecstasy within the feel
comfort and help
within wings we soar through dreams
tearing at will to the destined place
where it seems real to me
while I tumble to the fall
fading memory when my mind is frozen

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Comments & Reviews

February 14, 2011
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You conjured up such beautiful images in this piece. Your choice of words and the flow was good as well. I truly enjoyed reading this. Well done

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February 13, 2011
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this was a master piece. the nostalgia and confusion described. the need to just feel and just be. u painted just what it is like to be a spiritual being having a human experiance and being in need to just go beyond the limitating boundaries and fly away with a dream.

bravo, SL

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