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Author: JessicaBlasky
Created: March 09, 2011 at 11:01 pm
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Category: Horror | Sad | Spiritual
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Another God

Will you think of me when I'm dead?
When maggots crawl around in my head?
Will you wish for forgiveness?
When I'm burning in hell.
Will you admit to what you did to me?

When I was to young to fully understand.
That what we did made me damned.
It made me twisted and sad
Realizing what we did was very very bad

Will you see when I cry out for God?
Knowing all along that he will only take you're hand.
But still I will pray to be taken away.
Maybe another God will take my hand someday.

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March 10, 2011
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Very inspiring and thoughtful.

We do surely some things some times and repent, wether it is from ourselves or from someone else or from both, But do we repent or forgive?

In life it is mostly to er and forget, wonder if this is the right way, so we can carry on with happenings of life or do we have to remember and regret our deeds.

Any ways Life goes on It's the memmory that haunts us and question us wether our past has been good or bad.

I here feel that it is more or less a matter of the result of our doings that waries in our thinking and it is God that understands and forgives and end our jeopardy.

Rest assured things will turn out to be good.

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