A Poem by iAmBaileyLaShay

Author: iAmBaileyLaShay
Created: May 02, 2011 at 10:12 pm
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Category: Love | Personal | Friendship
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What Happened?  

As I stare up at the ceiling
I try to think of ways
To get rid of this horrible feeling
Yet it always tends to say
Wish I could go back
When all bad memories we lacked
Peace, love, and happiness come only in dreams
Or at least that's how it seems
I really love you
I have for two years
And I'm starting to wonder
If it's truly worth all of the tears
Though I think and think
I always seem to conclude
Anything and everything is worth it
I'm in love with you
Though you say
Nothing will change
There I laid, cried myself to sleep today
You just don't understand
How I truly feel about you
I'm incapable of saying it
Though I know you want me to
Why did you have to leave?
Why'd you have to go away?
I miss the old you
That's all I have to say
Whoever took him
Please bring him back here
Since he's been gone
I've shed one too many tears
Without him here
With every step I take
My heart fills up with fear
I need him by my side
Holding my hand
Letting me know- I don't have to hide
Showing me the light
Please oh please hurry
He's my everything
I need his loving touch
To take away the sting

© iAmBaileyLaShay - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Ever lost a friend? You just grew apart? They up and all of a sudden changed? That was my inspiration for this, and several other pieces. I Love You Kevin.

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May 02, 2011
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This is breath taking!! I love it.
It's sad losing a friend, and this is exactly how I feel when it happens. But I absolutely adore your poem, it's just beautiful.
Btw, welcome to WN. =)
I look forward to reading more of your work. I'm spotlighting your wonderful poem. Please keep writing, and thanks for sharing your beautiful piece.

Your New Fan,

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