A Poem by Somniloquy

Author: Somniloquy
Created: June 23, 2011 at 08:28 pm
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it's a great deceiving,
to think that our lives are like movies...
silver screen moving pictures
with sorrows and rages and laughter.

photographs describe us better,
individual moments captured on film.
single moments
scattered like confetti all over our memories.

whether we're alone or we're not,
part of a greater love or puppets for a greater purpose,
it's still hard to face the blinding dawn
when you haven't come to terms
with the demons from the night before.

pick out the singularities like flowers,
the emotions like petals...
here was a rage so deep it damaged part of me,
here a sorrow so brutal it's bleeding still,
after all these years.
here a smile and there a laugh,
and damn but I wish I hadn't said those things
because that was the one person
who could pull a giggle
from a mouth that wanted to curse the sky.

life's not a beautiful satin ribbon,
continuous and maybe only a tiny fray...
it's a beaded necklace,
always on the verge of exploding
into a billion moments all over the floor.

© Somniloquy - all rights reserved

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June 23, 2011
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On the verge of exploding
Beautifully desciptive piece, I loved the line "because that was the one person
who could pull a giggle
from a mouth that wanted to curse the sky". There's so much going on there and in the whole poem, but it's neatly and quickly conveyed. And the last line brings the whole chaos of life into focus, really well written, great wording and style. Spotlight worthy.

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