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Created: October 21, 2011 at 12:10 pm
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Roscoe Is the Scammer's Dream

Roscoe Is the Scammer’s Dream

By Elton Camp

The way that Roscoe’s gullibility did begin
For a dead millionaire, claiming next of kin

Then a young lady he gladly agreed to take in
So that a share of her inheritance he’d win

Next was a bank account of a man now dead
“I’ll give it to you,” the bank official had said

A woman who says she has only hours to live
For charitable use wants her fortune to give

An Asian merchant he then agreed to represent
And then wondered where it was his money went

To New York a traffic ticket he decided to pay
Although he hadn’t been there in many a day

A sweepstakes he was so delighted to win
But poor Roscoe lost money once again

He just couldn’t seem to learn or to see
That nobody would give him anything free

Finally he saw a notice that was good in his eyes
A free course in avoiding scams was the prize

So Roscoe rejoiced at his luck and said “Horray”
He sent money right away, the fee eager to pay

© EltonCamp - all rights reserved

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