A Poem by Maxx1128

Author: Maxx1128
Created: October 30, 2011 at 08:32 pm
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Category: Spiritual | Philosophy | Love
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Here I Think  

Here I think.
Creating the tunnels that allow an escape.
Escapes cross into new dimensions of reality.
Escapes grasp at unreal life and unknown logic.
Escapes that all exist enough for our spirits.
Expanding the walls that limited life.
While here I think.

Here I think.
Alone amidst the clashes of others.
Clatters that are truly a section of happiness.
Clatters labeled a sole source of joy.
Clatters that rise and mock the island.
Crashing, even threating my reflections.
Yet here I think.

Here I think.
Thoughts walking along empty paths.
Paths others have often seen invisibly.
Paths that make you stare at life intently.
Paths lighting the darkened corners of life.
Paving a road rising higher and closer.
Still here I think.

Here I think.
Why do I think?

The world is lovely, donít you know?
Know through the black and white is gold.
Know the horrific give beautiful emotion.
Know that living is enough to light a star.
Knowledge that loving every facet is irreplaceable.

To exist, to breathe, to flow, to burst, and overflow.
All at once and for forever.
I happily pass forwards.
So here I think.
So here I live.
So here I love.

© Maxx1128 - all rights reserved

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October 31, 2011
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Nice write well done

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