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Author: girl-wit-pen3
Created: November 12, 2011 at 08:01 am
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there is a first time for everything :)

in my school, the faculty was hosting a talent competition for the 9th graders and so we, the ten graders agreed to a night of fun with ourselves in school. the show was to begin at 9pm to end at probably midnight. we didnt all have to participate but we could come in and support our friends and so we did. almost all the ten grade class came in and so we all sat there enjoying ourselves, hanging out and having fun.
the show began and those participating went in to the dressing room to get prepared. i did too although i wasnt going to perform. i just wanted to hang with my friends and make fun of them. this boy, i was friends with Lucas was there. we liked to insult each other and just goof around but it was nothing serious.
anyway, so i was helping my friend julia out with her outfit and lucas and his friends were there being stupid as usual and we were shooting insults back and forth when they called her up. i stood at the door and listened to her sing. she had an amazing voice and it was for certain that she was going to win.
i looked back to the dressing room and saw that lucas and his friends had left thankfully. i returned my attention to julia and i clapped happily for her when she was done. she ran back in and hugged me. i told her she did great and she said thanks. lucas returned then with two bottles of grape sodas, my favorite. i walked up to him and asked for some. he refused and i was hardly surprised because he was always that way only this time he offered that he'd give me some soda if i'd let him see my underneath my shirt. i gasped saying no of course. he laughed and said my loss. i could have gone out to get my juice but i was kinda curious about the fact that lucas wanted to see under my shirt so i went to him again and begged for some soda. he told me his offer still stood. the whole idea was very dangerous and exciting and i didnt know what to do . . .

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Author Notes

so this is a little thing im trying . . . to write a blog. any ideas or comments or critiques about this would be appreciated. thanks

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