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Author: msunpredictable
Created: February 16, 2006 at 09:51 am
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He who (“He” refers to Man)  

He who deceives shall pay
When truth alights
He who drinks
Shall have a shorter life
He who kills
Murders himself

These sins are created by He
Should He have a new lease of life?
A turnover, to see his good

He who respects others
Shall get respected in return
He who does a good deed
Shall one day get repaid
He who spreads happiness
Will get joy back

If living in the past brings sadness,
Our present should oversee it
However, if One wishes to turn from good to bad.
One’s wish is easily granted

© msunpredictable - all rights reserved

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March 02, 2006
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Very true.

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