A Poem by mishad84hotmai

Author: mishad84hotmai
Created: January 01, 2012 at 01:15 pm
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Category: Fantasy | Romance | Action
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The hunted  

You sir, are a lazy drunk!
"I want you" he says.
I smile not knowing how to respond
He is just an animal looking to play
I am in his line of sight
I should run away from his gaze
But i like it!
There is an animal attraction. I would have complete satisfaction!
Satisfaction in the moment of heat
But feel like shit after I play with the sexy beast
He brings out my dark side
I want him but I choose to run and hide
He does not rest long
I thought he moved on after I turned him down
No, the animal wants me, he wants my crown
The only thing still pure on my body
He wants to take it away
Then I would be disgraced!
Stop it sexy!
But sexy won't stop!
Sexy, sexy, sexy wants me on top!
I'm running out of breath
Every time we get close, I seem to escape
What if I can't next time?
He has gone drinking again
I have a few days before he is back on my scent
It is time for a shower

© mishad84hotmai - all rights reserved

Author Notes

A co-worker and I have this friction between us. Huge playa.

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January 01, 2012
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Temptation, huh? There're not many poems like this around. I like it. Great job.

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