A Limerick by AlasdairKerr

Author: AlasdairKerr
Created: January 02, 2012 at 06:31 pm
Upload Type: Limerick, M (16+)  
Category: Dark | Death | Despair
Upload Stats: 1 comments and 151 views

Funny Limerick

Being just a legion of warts,
One of God's funny farts,
It is I who is asking you to smite me down,
It is I who wishes to put on a shroud; a gown,
Still I'm here to dance to your pleasing -coughing and wheezing-; devoting you all my arts.

© AlasdairKerr - all rights reserved

Author Notes

A limerick, deal with it.

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Comments & Reviews

January 02, 2012
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It humors you to be humored at the readers expense I think Still, enjoyed the read for its originality and pun

Not quite, I just find the poem tragicomical.

 AlasdairKerr replied on January 03, 2012

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