A Poem by silently_dying

Author: silently_dying
Created: January 03, 2012 at 01:14 pm
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Silenly Dying  

Blasting music.
Drowning out everything.
Trying to forget, forgive.
Trying to understand whats going on.
Everything changing.
My life is no longer my own.
My choices do not just effect me.
I am on my own.
Wishing, hoping, praying, screaming for help.
The help of you.
But you do not know anything.
You were not told.
So I sit.
I listen.
I wait.
In pain and agony.
Blasting music.
Slowing forgetting everything.
Becoming numb.
Silently dying.
But that is not what I want.
I can not die.
I die.
It dies.
So again I go.
Day by day.
Waiting for all of this to end.
To see you and its smiling face.
To tell me I did the right thing.
That I am.
That your OK.
And that it is OK.

© silently_dying - all rights reserved

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October 14, 2014
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not certain
if this was a something that happened in your life
and you needed to be honest, or your were at
a point where you needed help ~ it could be neither
but there was much emotion in this poem and it
seemed to stem very much from the heart.
Well written

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January 03, 2012
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you can never separate yourself from your indwelling God...
God give you proof now that everything is ok..
no matter what any of us have done...
my teacher says "God looks on our 'sins' as a mother
on her baby's first halting attempts to walk'

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