A Poem by CatharinaEdin

Author: CatharinaEdin
Created: January 16, 2012 at 03:37 pm
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the present and it's heir

she knows herself

as a person who wants to be
swallowed by someone great

someone dedicated to the present
and it's heir; the past

swallowed into a dark and seamless place

no fulfilled desires, no trespassers
from the emptiness of the future

never seen, never born again, never heard of; that is
not her dream but her prediction

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January 16, 2012
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Oh, so she wants to be swallowed by something greater than herself....very yin...but then that doesn't work out, turns out to be too too yin. But not to worry, her very discontent is the beginnings of yang..... I see

forgot to sign it.....so you would know who was here reading it...................for answers

 slanfia replied on January 16, 2012

lucky you signed it, I had no idea who it was! I thought it was a ghost in the machine again -
It's her dream of disappearing, without any actions from her side - she's passiv in that aspect - (respect?)
Thank you dear friend, you had me thinking there, it hurts my head, hahaha

love C; you know, she-who-comforts

 CatharinaEdin replied on January 17, 2012

I see....just yin yin yin. no nostalgia for the possibility of yang action. Glad this is just an expression of part of you, not your final opinion of the opportunity of incarnation. You are a moody, drifty, one. Makes for great poetry. but it needs to be balanced by plenty of comforters:

................. for answers

 slanfia replied on January 17, 2012

uh-oh, I typo-d a semicolon. I'll make up for it:

 slanfia replied on January 17, 2012

passive in that respect is the more usual phrase, but aspect would also work.

 slanfia replied on January 17, 2012

moody, drifty, that is so true!
Now I feel better, I've never been so comforted in all of my life!
That is also true.

love C

 CatharinaEdin replied on January 18, 2012

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