A Short Story by Beverley

Author: Beverley
Created: May 16, 2012 at 02:22 pm
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I saw a Princess today  

“Thank you for bringing me, auntie Bob, I had a lovely day, I’m going to be a princess when I grow up!” Auntie Bob smiled at me and said “you are already a princess Hannah and five is quite grown up, you’re a big girl now”.

There was no school this week, so my auntie Bob brought me out for the day on the bus to Newport so I could go to the play cafe. I don’t do some things as well as other children and need help to go on the pirate ship climbing frame where I like to pretend I am driving the ship and wave a flag.

When we had finished playing and auntie Bob was helping me put my shoes on, I heard a lot of noise outside. I started to be a bit upset and I asked the play lady “what’s that?” “Don’t be upset, sweetie” she said. “Today prince Lawrence and princess Catherine have come to see the new hospital and they will be going past here soon”.

I didn’t have to wait very long and there were a lot of people watching and clapping and I saw the prince and princess going down the street in their carriage with no roof on. I was glad it was a sunny day or they would get wet without wearing a coat. The brown horses were very big and I thought they looked funny with big green feathers in their hair. A nice man lifted me up to sit on auntie Bob’s shoulders so I could see the prince and princess because the wheels of their carriage was as big as me.

Princess Catherine was very pretty. She was wearing a long pink dress with lots of sparkly things on it. Her hair was ginger like mine and she was wearing a very sparkly headband which auntie Bob told me is called a tiara. Prince Lawrence and princess Catherine were smiling and waving to everyone and I was waving back and cheering. I am quite sure that princess Catherine waved and smiled right to me.

As auntie Bob lifted me down off her shoulders, I asked “where are they going for their dinner?” My favourite is a meal in a box from old McDonald’s coz you get a toy as well. “I expect they’re having lunch in the castle, Hannah, prince Lawrence doesn’t like chips”. I thought that was funny because everyone likes chips.

It was nearly time for us to go home and my mammy had given me some money to buy a comic so me and auntie Bob went to the shop and chose a princess one with a tiara and a ring on the cover. Now I could look just like princess Catherine so when we got on the bus I put them on and sat near the front so I could practise waving to people. Lots of people waved back to me.

My mammy met us off the bus and asked me “did you have a nice day princess?” “Yes thank you mammy” I said, “you never guess who I saw!”

© Beverley - all rights reserved

Author Notes

This was written for a creative writing course with the following spec:
In 500 words, write a complete mini-story where the central character is a child. Write it from the child’s narrative point of view (using ‘I’), and in the past tense. Pay attention to the kind of language a child might use; and to the observations particular to a child. Use as your setting: a busy city street, where something has just happened, before the story actually begins. Use some dialogue.

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May 16, 2012
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this would most differently make a good kids book sounds like something my daughter would have loved as a child. little girls and princess's its always a good fit

thank you for your kind words

 Beverley replied on June 27, 2012

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