A Poem by Emrald

Author: Emrald
Created: July 09, 2012 at 07:27 am
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Category: Love | Romance | Love
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You are the first vision in my view  

A shy response to a flirting gaze through a distant,
Fingers touch making heart strings stutter,
Like a bolt of lighting, from above I don't know what I'm feeling,
I can't endure this any more,
These feeling that I have, I can't ignore.
At night, when I go to bed,
All my fantasies, begin with you,
Dreams, start to fill my head,
You are the first vision in my view,
I've heard that sometimes dreams, do come true,
Even all my dreams, begin with you.
I don't know what's come over me so full of happiness and hope,
There's this girl on my mind I find it hard to cope,
Thinking of her all the time every minute of every day,
I don't understand her hold on me but I like it any way,
These days I am feeling so good,
All my aches and pains are gone along with all my fears,
I feel like I can live again, my future seems so bright,
These emotions are strange the ones in my heart,
The ones that hit every second.
The honest truth is my heart loves you,
I just don't know how it to say it right for you,
Sometimes I just get tongue tied,
Occasionally a smile is all I've,
Maybe an impression but not a thought,
It doesn't mean that I don't care,
Your love is very important to me.

© Emrald - all rights reserved

Author Notes

This love I have for you itís hard to describe, yet easy to feel. Itís difficult to convey save for the actions of every day life. I don't know how to tell you that I love you without making you uncomfortable or scaring you away.

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Comments & Reviews

July 10, 2012
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If you love this girl so much you ought to tell her. Girls don't usually scare away when someone says "I love you". That's the guys' way of reacting(kidding). You don't even have to say the words. You can write a poem and buy some roses(or her favorite flowers) and take her to a beautiful place( not necessary fancy, but romantic) and give them to her. If she rejects your feelings, it will be her loss. At least you did your best.
Nice poem by the way. Keep up the good work, and remember, love is precious so don't throw it away.

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