A Poem by Kassandra

Author: Kassandra
Created: July 09, 2012 at 10:21 pm
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Lighting My Way  

I missed her. I stared around and simply breathed
She still lived in this place though it felt empty now
The dust pale and ghostly, even the kitchen grieved
and I felt each piece of longing in my heart somehow

A large black skillet had always sat upon the stove
The pots and pans sparkled as ornaments might
a breakfast table is set for the morning she strove
to meet, although she never made the end of night

I ran my fingers across books which lined the walls
touched each well used spine that felt her presence
That grandfather clock who's timekeeping now stalls
providing time by meter, but yet still hers in essence

Ornamental china figures by the side of the old bureau
now more precious for how often they were polished
a record player that no longer whispers sweet and low
a few old crumpled memories refuse to be demolished

I seat myself at her old writing desk and I begin to type
My tiny laptop appears out of place amongst her things
Still I sit to consider, I've thoughts to impart and inscribe
each key I press draws a fresh wound that also stings

Rising, I draw the most well loved of her ancient tomes
from beside it's position of pride on the chimney mantle
taking my leave of her sanctuary I decide to take it home
and walk back by the little village church to light a candle

Kassandra 2012

© Kassandra - all rights reserved

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July 09, 2012
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I love this piece. It has such a spirit to it my friend. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

This piece is a deeply written and rather personal write and so I totally appreciate your comments here all the more for that you felt it.
Thank you
Yours Kassie

 Kassandra replied on July 09, 2012

I too feel a connection with my loved ones who have passed away. I can feel your emotion in every word.

 elphie replied on July 09, 2012

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