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Created: October 06, 2012 at 12:12 am
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Chapter 14 William: Tuesday  

Monday night, I slept fitfully. Fortunately, my dad didn't have any of his talks with the demons. I was excited that we didn't have reservations past Tuesday. I was hoping that meant we were leaving. That would mean that Hope Skavinsky, with her pretty blue eyes, would be safe.

Then again, I was kind of sad, because I would've loved to get to know that girl. The girl who could tie me up, who had those blue eyes, and who when she was five stomped on some guys toe to tell him no.

Tuesday morning, I walked into the little room where the hotel served their free breakfast. It was a nice little room, had a few tables with chairs and a buffet. I ate one of those waffles that you make in the little grill thing. It was good.

I went upstairs and started packing. My dad was taking a while to come back from...well, I'm not really sure where he went. It was almost 11 o'clock. That's when we were supposed to check out. He made it just in time.

We got into the car just after we checked out. I sat praying for a while. We drove for 3 hours. Then, my dad stopped and turned around. He turned around!

"What are you doing dad?" I asked, very confused.

"We have to go back to that town." he said. "Fay Danford is definitely there. I have to get my revenge."

"Oh, dad. Come on." I groaned. "Can't we just settle down? I only have one year left!"

"We will, as soon as I get my REVENGE!"

I couldn't stand it.

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October 06, 2012
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I finally found a character to hate... William's Father! I really hate this guy.. What kind of father is he to not care for his child's feelings....
Anyway.. Great read!...
Waiting for more.

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