A Poem by dudevogel11

Author: dudevogel11
Created: December 27, 2012 at 03:58 am
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Category: Personal | Inspirational | Addiction
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I Promise That I Would Never Play It Safe

Feel light as it flows,
Donít let it go, it caught you instantly.
It stays close no room for ghosts,
The weight can make you trip but you wonít fall down.
Surprise hides in sold eyes,
Cut off these ties, and discard the body.
Sunrise, am I even alive?
And you wait for this world to come down.
Now you feel yourself drifting pulled away, because the things you think about never lose taste.
Would you throw it all away, for just one taste of what you know you crave.
There was a time when I was not afraid, now all I want is to be saved.
Youíve taken me all this way, so tonight you can stay.
Itís the things that make me cold, and still I still fear.
And itís these dreams that take my soul, and yet Iím still here.
This doesnít own me,
No tears to make it stop, Iím all ready just give me hope.
Oh and I swear, no one could predict that I would ever get this far.
Embrace this hope and let it flow,
Now head towards the light the dark has no place here.
The walk from here is long, but somehow I still feel so far gone.

© dudevogel11 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

this is about over-coming addiction and not relapsing back into old habits.

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