A Short Story by survivethesound

Author: survivethesound
Created: January 01, 2013 at 10:10 am
Upload Type: Short Story, T (13+)  
Category: Abuse | Fiction | Suicide
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Goodbye, My Father  

I look at him. He's not looking at me, but smirking. I don't smile. I'm terrified. I feel his touch. His lingering over my body. I feel the hardness of his body move against me. I shut my eyes and count the white spots. I have to distract myself. The painful shot of acid continues. It doesn't stop. I hear him groan, then feel his touch of his fist slam against my face. I'm pulled to the reality I was born into. "Enjoy this moment!" I look at his face and want to punch my fist into his face, body. I'm not staying here.
He pulls out and leaves me frozen, frozen out of fear. I hear the front door open and the footsteps. I quickly rush out of the bed and stand by the window, watching him leaving for his next dose of alcohol and wait for his next dose of pain. I clutch the rim of the window and lift myself upon it. I look down and quickly think of my next decision. I jump. Everything's dark. Nobody's here. I'm alone. Death waiting for me at the end of the light. I have reached the dark creature. I'm not returning. I'm not returning to the fate my father had chosen. I'm gone. I'm not going back. Goodbye.

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July 06, 2013
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tony curry
the pain is horrible i know but in time it will Change to Anger then revenge it is acase of how you manage that revenge that will make you strong and him a weak old man. believe me i know.

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January 23, 2013
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its sad
Good poem i like it

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January 01, 2013
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thats deep

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January 01, 2013
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OMG! Such dramatic writing. It rips the heart out of this reader at the thought of it being an actual experience and not just writing. Your words singe the soul of me. There are no comments to this-its beyond imaging!

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January 01, 2013
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this was written in an utterly sorrowful way I feel for you and if it fiction then you did i fine job of maying me feel the pain And I applaud that. you have my heart for this one. hugs Elfqueena

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