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Author: sarat
Created: February 08, 2013 at 09:47 am
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The times any fool can see  

A traveller
Was not a reveler
Disturbed to see
What's going on?

Own people selling us
Own people killing us
No anthem can cover
With the shield of faith
Lost in the ocean
Thrown like stones
On the closed shutters and walls

Open your eyes see the truth
The times any fool can see
If anyone lay beside me

So expensive this came to be
The broken wings of love and peace
No one ever dared to swim
In this lake of heat

Violence I came to meet
Even a mole can see
Killing ain't yield no money nor peace

So silent I came to be
The times any fool can see
If anyone lay beside me

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March 10, 2013
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WOW!! Good poem! It's exactly what goes on in the world! But i don't get why you called this poem 'Sarcasm', because, in my view, it has nothing to do with sarcasm. It's a good poem, but it just doesn't suit the title. Apart from that, it is good and describes what people do, how they react etc. Keep writing!

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