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Author: inyourmemory
Created: February 11, 2013 at 10:36 am
Upload Type: Other Type, T (13+)  
Category: Love | Sad | Opinion
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In this dark world why do I only see your bright face, is it because I am ignoring others?
Why do you smile after I look you, is it because I am funny?
Why do you feel afraid to come near to me, is it because I shall hurt you?
Why do you always talk about me with your friends, is it because you can't stop yourself?
Why there occur sunshine when you smile, is it because of your yellowish face?
Why sometimes I hear my name when I am close to you, is it because you want to talk with me?
Why you hate other girls talking with me, is it because you are not able to do the same?
Why do you act as if you are not looking towards me, is it because you feel shy?
Why do you always remain confused, is it because you always think about me?
Why don't you propose me, is it because you think I may say the two words after M?
Why don't you come and make me yours, is it because you want to keep it secret?
What if someone steals me, will you search me?
What if I die, will you suicide?
What if I ignore you, will you keep me loving?

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