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Author: Porcelain
Created: February 17, 2013 at 08:07 pm
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Legend Chapter 2

"Do you want to die?"
She's so quick to put up her defenses.
"If I'm correct you cant kill me till tonight. I've got...What time is it?"
I check my watch for dramatic effect, even though I know exactly what time it is and how much time till the next major power, hits major power level. I have the upper hand as I always will. I'm just that good!
"1:26... hmmm, I've got nine and half hours. I think I'm safe. "
" Why are you here? You are intruding on my 'Me' day, so if you could leave that would be greatly appreciated. "
"Sassafras sass! Little sister even inherited that sharp tongue and lovely sarcasm."
There! That stopped her. Now I can say what I came here to say and leave my little sis to stew a bit.
" I just came to stump you in a way that will leave you clinging for the rest of your pathetic and significantly lesser life. You might want to sit down for this."
Of course she would remain standing. Why is she so stubborn! Why can't she just be... no that wouldn't work out right.
" I come with a name and shall we say a prophecy, or better put your prophecy. I'm sure by now you should have be seeing things that you cant explain. Things that may disturb you, not because it's considered wrong, but because you like it."
The look of pure shock and horror on her face says it all. I wish I could take a picture because I am sure that I will never see it again.
"My name, the one that is only known by me and our family is 'Journey'. Your name, my sister is 'Legend', or will be when you claim it."
" Why would I claim something I don't want?"
She is clearly shaken. I've said what I had to say, now I have to leave.
"You will claim it. It's in your nature."
I turn and start walking for the door. I know what comes next for my little sister. She will sit and contemplate what this all means, what she should do next. I used to be just like her. When I was young life was rough. I grew up in a society that didn't allow female children to grow up with the male children, so they were sent to random people all over the world. We were taught at young age that females are the ultimate power and that we are just there consorts, that the brother of every male, female twin was to bring her sister back when she was of age. The exact second of there birth 18 years later, they receive all of their power. My twin of course would go to Cadence of Other-Lands. When my parents found out, they were honored that their daughter was going to get a chance to learn traits and powers that no one else would get a chance to learn, especially with the lowly family that we were. Prophesies started to come out about my sister and I. I was put through immense training. Training that I had come to hate. I started to despise the very fact that I had a sister. I spent many nights hating that she chose Cadence of Other-Lands. I began to train harder in my death class. I wanted to kill Legend in the most painful way none to any living creature. That all changed when I found out that her next hit was me. Well it changed when I met her for the first time. I saw her and I knew that when she knew and accepted who she was, that I would follow her to the ends of the earth to protect her, to watch her succeed! When I look at her, I see me. The arrogance, and the absolute love for knowledge and truth exuded from her like a giant over filled bucket.
"Be prepared to die the next time we meet."
I turn to look at her. If she only new how much that sentence pains me to hear.
"As you wish my sister."
With that I leave.

© Porcelain - all rights reserved

Author Notes

PLEASE let me know what you think and how I can improve!!!!
Lots of Love
Porcelain <3

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