A Poem by iloveyou123

Author: iloveyou123
Created: March 05, 2013 at 12:10 pm
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Category: Love | Free Verse | Gay/Lesbian
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One Last Goodbye  

It's a scary thing
Showing who you truly are
so used to hiding behind the mask
the one that fit like a cast
Easily adjustable but annoying at
the same time, but at least
it protected you from the hateful words
you were destined to hear
But now I fear as I sit here
watching the old you
that you have forgotten to prepare
because right now you just don't care
and though it doesnt seem fair
you have dared yourself to be
who you are
because to you
the love you and her share
is strong enough to keep you
from getting scared
so I admire you
for not running away
and showing who you truly are
telling the world
i'm not straight, i'm gay
and in love with a girl
so I wave goodbye, turning
to cry
and leave the new me
letting myself die

© iloveyou123 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

I've been thinking lately about how my life has been changing, and this poem is supposed to be from the view point of the old me, saying goodbye for one last time

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Comments & Reviews

March 05, 2013
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Really great poem, the reader can really sense your emotions to feel what you feel. awesome.

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March 05, 2013
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I have definitely been there. I know the feeling of almost helplessness, when they just walk away as you say goodbye. It hurts, and we have been down that very dark road. Keep your head up, I guarantee there is a rose out there somewhere waiting for the good person you are. After all, isn't there always someone out there for all of us?

I have found that person She is always there

 iloveyou123 replied on March 05, 2013

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