A Poem by MJMitchell

Author: MJMitchell
Created: March 26, 2013 at 02:27 pm
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Category: Spiritual | Inspirational | Free Verse
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I hear Your voice,
A whisper, strong and clear.
Never forsaken
Am I.

I see Your face, in
The abounding beauty of natural settings,
The wrinkled face of an elder,
The chubby feet of a toddler,
The clarity of good music,
The surf, the wind, the sea,
Sun rays, moon glow.

I taste the wine of Your blood,
Eat the bread of Your body,
Close my eyes,
Hear your voice,
And see Your face.

© MJMitchell - all rights reserved

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May 19, 2017
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Communion is a good way to be spiritual...it really makes you think about everything...an it makes you think about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for us!!
(who is currently dead)

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March 26, 2013
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This may sound a little
like sacrilege but I almost feel like this could have been written by God to us sinners here below. I think that He sees each of us in all things - the toddler, the elder, and all the other of His creations. We are part of the ALL. There is much love, tenderness and inspriration in these words of yours. A shared kinship with our Maker. Your spirituality is showing and it looks very good on you. You might like my recent Easter poem -His Only Son. Beautifully rendered and well worth the SL. Sarah

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March 26, 2013
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hello this is the poetess/barbara...this is a very nice penn indeed, and I like it very much. for he is The Great I Am, the All in All, He is All that Holds our Souls. He is The Lord. and to be well Praised. Communion is a special time to be taken seriously on a spiritual matter for he died for us .He did not deserve the torture he took, but we did,he did that to save a sinner like me.,to set the soul free to heaven, if they choose to serve him..byebye

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