A Prose by poetichuggybear1

Author: poetichuggybear1
Created: April 01, 2013 at 02:13 pm
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There Is Freedom Found In...  

There are many freedoms we have in our world.

We can be free to operate a business or work for the employer.

We are free to read what we choose.

One of the freedoms I have is to be damn naked.

i love to have my damn clothes striped off my body before going to bed.

There is a freedom to feel of myself in the most private of places and not give a shit about it.

Clothes are so damn confining and a bore to wear all the damn time.

i am glad i can get someone to take my clothes off before getting into bed.

It is a freedom I enjoy every frigging day I live of having my damn clothes taken off.

How I wish there would be some men out there who feel the same damn way I do.

You take your damn clothes off before taking a shower or a bath.

You enjoy the experience i guess and it is a good thing to be clean.

Well, have you ever given it any thought of enjoying being naked before you get in the shower?.

My concept of a beautiful time is to be alone at a pond and take your damn clothes off and jump in.

That is right; swim naked and enjoy the hell out of yourself.

Time is so short and you only go around once in this life.

So why the hell not enjoy your frigging self getting over any inhibitions of how you look and enjoy the pleasure.

So what am i saying?

I am telling you to enjoy your body and make damn sure it is naked and free of damn clothes.

© poetichuggybear1 - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

August 01, 2013
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this was great awesome loved it!

There are no comments on this review.

April 01, 2013
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One of my new favorites
I didn't give it a 5 because it was so in-your-face then got passive. I thought it was beautiful and stripped-down (I promise no pun intended). This poem gave 0 f*cks and I loved it.

I am happy to hear from you. Though you read sometime ago I do thank you for it being the first time I have really read this. i am a free damn man to do what the hell I want to do and love to cuss my ass off with the words I do know which aren't too damn many. I do care to respond and this is what I am doing. May you have a good night. cubby

 poetichuggybear1 replied on June 07, 2013

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