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Sometimes it's Okay to Cry (Jack Petchey Speech)  

This is the speech I plan to present at a 'Jack Petchey "SPEAK OUT" Challenge!' I wanted to post it here first to see people's initial reactions, and if it should/can be improved in any areas. I hope you like this most recent version!

Sometimes it's okay to cry. [pause] I learnt in 2012 that families are stronger than I'd ever known, and that the word itself can create ties that, when broken, are both heart wrenching and eye-opening.

Personally, I've never been overly emotional or open to people about my private life. I become very uncomfortable when the subject is broached, and want nothing more than to turn and run away - I've always thought that that's the reason why I enjoy the 100m sprint so much. The quick flash, the speed and the freedom - all things that are unimaginable when faced with tears... Constricting, suffocating tears.

For me, talking about my family and the going's-on within it for comfort from other people, is a weak trait within myself, and I struggle with vulnerability in front of people because of this. However, I chose to talk about this subject because losing people in 2012 has helped me to see that bottling up emotions can only end in a breakdown of shuddering shoulders and trembling lips. And for me, vulnerability is crying.

"Do not apologise for crying. Without this emotion, we are only robots," [pause] said Elizabeth Gilbert.

Sometimes it's okay to cry, because you realise just how much people care. In my life, I am inspired by my uncle, as he lost both his mother and wife within the span of a few months, and the fact that he cried in front of me gave me a newfound respect for him as a person. The times were hard, but the tears made him stronger.

Men, did you know that 99% of women believe that a real man isn't afraid to cry? [pause] To quote Charles Dickens, "We need never be ashamed of our tears," [pause] I'll let you think about that one in your own time.

As a final conduit, I would like you to know what I have learnt about crying. I now believe that it isn't a show of weakness or vulnerability, but is something to be respected and considered for the person. Being able to show ourselves in such a light helps us to grow, allowing both our hearts and minds to move on, and as Shakespeare said, "To weep is to make less the depth of grief."

So promise me this: Promise me that you'll remember, [pause] that sometimes... Sometimes it's okay to cry.


It's been suggested that I talk more about my Uncle, but I'm afraid to delve too far into the intimacies... What'd you think? :-/

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Author Notes

I'm aware that most of the commas aren't correctly placed, but I wanted to try to get across where I would be stopping and emphasising words, etc.

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April 27, 2013
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Very nicely done and
worthy of a spot light and a challenge win. I hope that you entered it into the challenge you had in mind. You have made some very valid points here, and it is written smoothly and well. I am sorry that it has been so long since I have dropped in on you. Life has kind of had a big hold on me these days. I couldn't have found a better title to click upon today. Great write from a very talented young pen. Blessings, Lesa

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April 15, 2013
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Yes, it is. In fact, in
its own way, it can be very cathartic. We lost our eldest son recently -6 weeks ago. I weep every single night and may just do the same for the rest of my life. I wrote a poem on here for him. My husband wept openly and still does at times. Not only does it not make him look weak to be, it actually makes him a stronger and more caring individual in my eyes. Tears just may be the only consolation for those of us who have lost someone we loved. Remembering can be good as well but, then, the tears come. Make your speech. It is very good. Sarah


 CallMe_Scout replied on April 23, 2013

April 15, 2013
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Could use some work. Second paragraph seems muddy. I would say--Personally I've never been overly emotianal or open to people about my private life.
I am not aware of what 100m is? So unless your audience is certain to know maybe some explanation?
I struggle to be vulnerable? How about I struggle with vulnerablity
How about To quote Charles Dickens , we never need be ashamed of our tears
Hope this is of help to you

Thank you taylor12, you've definitely been of help. I think I've added in all the edits you suggested, thanks again. (:

 CallMe_Scout replied on April 15, 2013

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