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Author: poetichuggybear1
Created: April 16, 2013 at 11:43 am
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Remembering the Flowery Hills

I was attending the funeral for Beth on Flowery Hill.

There were a handful of people there but not many.

Time had come and gone so swiftly it was hard to realize the years passed away.

I remember the Flowery Hill they were buried .

My mind raced to ponder the good times we all had there.

A longing, within me, wanted to return to Flowery Hill.

So, through my mind, I captured the sight of the Hill.

While sitting, at my desk, for a moment I was with Beth and Trevor.

Having never really paying attention to the kind of flowers there I thought for a time concerning them.

Then, the chrysanthemums came to mind; as well as the daisies.

Taking a mind picture I remember the blue sky with the white puffy clouds scattered.

I felt of the cool breeze touching my face.

The memory was just as real as anything could be.

© poetichuggybear1 - all rights reserved

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