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Author: poetichuggybear1
Created: April 18, 2013 at 04:23 pm
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My Life Now Without My Parents

My life without my parents is a lonely one.

You see I have a brother and a sister.

However, they are only able to come to see me when it works out for them.

So, most of the time I am here by myself; in front of the computer.

Life without my parents is hard, at times to deal with.

I am unable to walk anymore.

I have the privilege of getting up every morning being put in my wheelchair.

Meal times are very lonely.

I don't get out of the room for anything.
My former roommate will visit with me from time to time.

But he is the only company I receive due to my brother and sister being so tied up.

The TV is my friend and companion.

It is during the day I am listening to it while I am working.

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