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Author: RavenStar
Created: June 12, 2013 at 07:24 pm
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Sorceress Chronicles 2: Pizza Party

I ambled out of my room, following the delightful aroma of fresh pizza. “Mark?” I called “Did you order pizza?”
“Nah, they just decided to give it out. Lucky us” Came his reply
“Smartass” I mumbled
As I reached the front door, I saw my best friend paying the delivery guy. Snaking my arm in between them, I slipped open the box and stole a piece of pizza. Mmm pepperoni. Yum.
I leaned against Mark, nibbling on my prize. Mark was tall, lean without being overly muscular. His long black hair fell over one eye, so he was constantly flicking and fiddling with it. Like me, He wore darker clothing, making normal mortals think he’s goth or emo or something. I think he just likes the look though, compared to wanting to scare people away.
“Sorry I forgot the tip, I’ll throw in extra next week”
“Thanks, Bro. ‘Aight, I gotta fly. Dun forget the extra mulha next time, Peace”
I stared after the pizza guy as he departed, my mouth hanging open.
“I...I think it was trying to communicate” I glanced at Mark, My expression still slackjawed “Do you think it comes in peace, or plans to invade?”
Mark laughed, flinging his arm around my shoulder, pizza box and all. I yelped, snatching up the food before it went everywhere. Freaking men.
Carrying the box into the lounge room, we propped ourselves up on the couch and flipped on the T.V. As per usual, nothing good was on.
We settled for the local news channel, idling discussing our plans for the new year as we ate.
“This is the year, huh?” He said, around a mouth full of pizza, “Final year of school”
“Mhm, That’s right, Are you attending this year?” While I had a thirst for knowledge, Mark’s laid back attitude meant he rarely came to school with me, even when he actually enrolled.
“Why? What can the evil sorceress and her minion halfie possibly accomplished by learning chemistry?” I elbowed him, hard, but he just laughed it off. Stupid vampyre strength.
“Be serious Mark! Besides, we’re only seventeen. Let’s leave taking over the world until we’re at least twenty” His reply was to give me a withering look, but at least he answered seriously.
“Yeah, I guess I’ll come this year. Life’ll be easier with a high school degree. Dad said he’ll come around tomorrow and sign our papers, if we want”

Mark’s adopted father, A vampyre named Daevion, had been posing as our father to get us into school for years. Daevion thought school was a ridiculous waste of time, and would much rather Mark was learning the dark arts. But what traditional, soul sucking vampyre would disapprove of their son spending time with the worlds most wanted sorceress? Not this one, obviously.

We stayed silent for a while, staring at the T.V with glazed eyes.
“Sooo” I grabbed another slice, trying to casually slip into the next topic. “Whatcha gonna use the degree for? Got a career in mind?” I was hoping against hope that he would have a job in mind, and wouldn’t see what I was really asking. ’When are you going to leave me and be safe?’ was far too obvious a question.
I felt his eyes borrowing into me, although I avoided his gaze. Damn, not subtle enough. I heard him sigh, annoyed.
“I was thinking of applying for hunter status”
I spluttered, choking on my food as Mark took a casual sip of his drink. Erm, ok, not what I expected. I glared at him, but apparently he had grown immune.
“What? Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer” Picking up the remote, he changed the channel, ignoring me. Mark...a hunter? It had occurred to me before, of course. Halfies, as half-immortals were called, made excellent hunters. Easier to control then vampyres, but just as strong. So sure, Why can’t he be a hunter?
Because a hunters only job is to find and exterminate deadly creatures. Did I mention I’m on the top ten most wanted list?
“Sure, alright, become a hunter. What happens when they ask you to hunt me?” Mark sighed, turning to face me.
“Ray, don’t b--”
“You know where I live, all my habits. I wouldn’t be hard to track” I interrupted.
“Stop Ray, you know I was jo--”
“Would you kill me, then? Or take me back to the council for questioning?”
I knew the answer. If they did manage to turn him, he would kill me. Even if he was turned, which I would do everything in my power to stop, he still wouldn’t subject me to torture. I hope.
The more I thought about it, the less I was sure. Would he betray me? Worse...would they hurt him to get to me?
“Raven, I’m serious, do--”
“Maybe they’ll lock me up, torture me. Or drain my powers. Or use me as a portal, or maybe they’ll even--” I rambled on as my panic level rose, feeling the stress leak into my mind. I grabbed the sides of my head, tugging at my hair. “You shouldn’t be here, they’ll hurt you. Or they’ll turn you” I moaned, closing my eyes. It was my fault, my fault. He was in danger because of me, I knew it, He knew it, His father knew it. But yet he stayed, here, with me.
“You have to leave” I was panting, out of breath with fear. “Get out, go! Before they find you”
“Raven, snap out of it!” I felt Mark’s hands on my shoulders, shaking me. It wasn’t the first time I’d flipped out, But each time worried him more. I curled up against him, whimpering softly. “What if they do get to you?” I whispered, thinking of the worst possible situation. “I’d have no one, I’d be alone” I turned to stare up at Mark, only to see his pitying gaze already directed at me. “I don’t want to be alone, Mark”
“I know sweetheart, I know” He gathered me into his arms, gently rocking us back and forth. In a hushed voice, he began to sing.
“When you're standing at the crossroads and don't know which path to choose, Let me come along. 'Cause even if you're wrong, I'll stand by you”
Mark had the sweetest singing voice, although the compulsion from his vampyre heritage helped. He was using it on purpose this time, lulling me to the safety of sleep.
I laughed softly, burrowing my head under his arm. “Dorky song, from a dorky friend, with dorky powers” I mumbled sleepily. Mark scooped me up, smiling softly all the while.
“Well it’s working, isn’t it?”
Walking us to my bedroom, he gently laid me on the bed and tucked me in.
“When the night falls on you baby, You’re feeling all alone, you won’t be on your own...” Brushing my hair back, he planted a kiss on my forehead and turned to leave.
“I’ll stand by you....” Mark flicked out the lights and, with the darkness surrounding me, I drifted off to sleep..

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Author Notes

So I'm trying a different style of writing to the first chapter thingy ma-bob.
Yeah, I know, it goes pretty quick. I'm not a good writer yet! Still looking for constructive feedback, any advice would help

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June 14, 2013
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1. Development. It seems like it has been years and I do mean years since we have seen true player development on the Jaguars. Sure there is a few players that get better. Cecil Shorts is the exception and certainly not the rule. Gus Bradley and his staff are concentrating on bringing in younger, faster, and more inexperienced players. In addition to the slew of rookies and second year players, guys like Kyle Love will be given the opportunity to really showcase what they have. I am a Mississippi State fan so I cant wait to see what Kyle has to offer.

2. The Special Teams. Like player development, our special teams play has been downright awful for the last few seasons. Ace, Denard, and company should drastically improve that unit. It wont just be those guys that make the impact. It has been said countless times that the goal in this offseason was to "get faster." It's easy to point to the actual return men as the focus but if team speed was an issue at every position, it was an issue for all 11 men on the field during special teams. Not only will Ace and Denard be faster but the guys sealing their blocks, shooting gaps, and providing blocks downfield will be faster as well.

3. The pace of play on offense. I always hated the pace that the offense "moved" last year. Just off the top of my head, Blaine did better in "hurry-up" / "no-huddle" situations. Some of his best throws came when they weren't lining up and letting the clock get down to zero.

4. Andre Branch. I had high hopes for him. If our passrush improves, it will be because of Branch.

5. The offensive line. This has been the excuse for 3 years. The line was bad. Well, with the best overall player in the draft and a top 5 LT in the league anchoring the line, the line shouldn't be an excuse anymore.

Overall, it's nice to have hope. Last season we all pretty much knew that we weren't a playoff team. We didn't see the direction. This season is much different. We know that we aren't a playoff team but we do see the direction. Remember this season. It will be the turning point.

What are you most interested in seeing this season?

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